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Stuff and things

The weekend seemed to go by really quickly. Friday night was Teri's 50th birthday party at the schmee. Her party was on par of my going away party. The theatre looked great, though dangerous for Raye with the red balloons everywhere. There was excellent food and wine & beer provided. Alex put together a slide show of pictures that played on the stage. Most importantly, though, was that Teri had a blast. The next day I was a mees and it's not that I drank all that much either, but I drank two glasses of champagne which seems to always kick my ass.Saturday night, Andy, Dani, Raye and I went to Cinerama to see The Rum Diary.  It's been so long since I've read the book only certian scenes I actually remembered, I didn't remember the full plot from the book. The My dad sent me this article of an interview of the screen writer about adapting the book and he said he changed the plot to make it a story about a writing trying to find his voice (as he was inspired as how there are only hints of the HS Thompson's signature turn of phrase in the novel). I really liked that angle for the movie. However the article also gave a spoiler for the end (which I wont get into) because they apparently had to change the ending because the stupid test audiance didn't know who Hunter Thompson was. *face palm* That hurts. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the very end but I won't spoil it. You'll know it when you see it. After the movie we all went to the Canterbury for a couple of drinks (where we had the most humorously clueless and rude waiter ever, litterally tripping over his own feet)  but Andy and I were still a bit hungover and unenergetic so didn't stay out long. Sunday Andy had a day to ourselves. We traded some DVDs in Ballard, ate some bitchin' BBQ and had some cuddely couch time.

Now that the work week has begun, I'm officially starting my job hunt. Let the frustration begin. I've only applied for a couple of jobs. I was working on an application yesterday for an admin job at SU but after writing my cover letter, and getting into thier HR system to discover that all the info there is 6 years old and had to be updated, including my way out of date references, by the time I got it all together they had taken down the job positing. That was half my day down the fucking tube. I'm not going to let it get to me this early. There's loads of frustration ahead of me. I think what I need to do is find a way, some sort of schedule to break up my day between internet time, job hunt, walk, writing and housework. I thought I had that figured out last week but after I got the schedule in my mind, I got the heads up from Andy that I could start my job search. And it's amazing how time consuming that is and right now I'm at that point where I'm being picky. I'm only applying to jobs I think I could definitly do for no less than $15 bucks an hour (about where I left off when I left my old job) Of course I'm targeting my cover letters which takes a while. *sigh* Here we go again.

I've been in touch with a couple of my London mates this week. I asked Rob to get a hold of Charlotte and have her contact me becasue I guess she hasn't gotten any of the e-mails I sent her. This bums me out becasue I DID contact her but the e-mails didn't bounce back or anhything I don't know why she isn't getting them. I hope she's not mad at me. Also results from Goldsmiths are coming out this week. i probably wont get mine in the mail until next week but I'm really excited about seeing how I did on portfolio! There was also an e-mail about graduation ceremony in January but there's no way I can go. I've got some money from my deposit on the flat coming back to me which is good but the bank transfer didn't go through so now I'm waiting for my e-mail to get to the right people.

Right, I should get going. Gotta go to Tacoma to get my old bed frame out of Raye's parents garage. Gotta disturb the slumbering Sparky on my lap who has been keeping me warm while I write this.


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Nov. 8th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'll help you out with the job hunt any way I can love. It sucks, but I know you'll have better luck than I did :)
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