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Quick Rant

So last night while eating diner Andy and I watched the tail end of the GOP debate and boy it doesn't take very long for those guys' talking points to get my blood boiling. The part that appalled me the most--how many of them want to do away with the department of education and the federal student loan problem. Their argument, being republican is that if the government is out of the business of something then all will be better in this case that if they stop giving grants and loans that tuition will go down. WHICH IS A FAULTY FUCKING ARGUMENT!! First of all tuition and operating costs of universities is simply not going to go down unless there were to be some tuition cap imposed by government like that they had in the UK up until last year (which is highly unlikely). Eliminating the department of education would just mean more kids would be priced out of college completely or have to sign up for more debt with high interest private loans from big banks.
The best thing Obama has done for me in his term in office was make it possible for me to go to school without having to beg for money from a private bank. My Goldsmiths degree and living in London was entirely loaned by federal money otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. Whereas in undergraduate I had to borrow the remainder of what the federal grants and loans didn't cover and had to borrow increasing amounts privately each year from 9K-!2K a year. Those loans BofA sold to another company and I am locked into them with no freedom to refinance or consolidate with other loans, plus those have a much higher interest rate than my federal loans and I will be paying them off forever.
To get rid of the department of education would be a goddamn tragedy. How are we as a country supposed to stay competitive if we become grossly uneducated? To get rid of that program would be a huge loss for America and the only winners would be the big banks. It's obvious where the GOP's true alliance is with. How clueless are these pricks from the life and struggles of average Americans? It's one of those things you know, you know full well what the republican party is all about and whose interestes they're defending. But sometimes, to just see them at a podium and saying it--saying it so blatantly yet try to pass it off as if it's actually for the greater good--it's enough to make me want to scream. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!


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