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Been Bad about updating…

I apparently haven’t updated at all in December. Oops. Looking at my calendar, though, that’s not at all surprising.
B-day Party
On the third we had a joint b-day party for Sarah, Lindsay and myself. It was a house party at Sarah’s. I had a blast, drinking with my friends, opening presents, doing jello shots, b-day spankings, drunkenly singing with my gay boy and watching a long, awkward game of twister in Sarah’s living room.  Dani gave me a particular awesome gift of a ‘Moss cup’ (a cup of Moss’s face on the base, a joke from the IT Crowd) which I freaking love! Raye got Sarah a leg lamp like the one from A Christmas Story which was particularly awesome as well. It was a good time. Andy also gave me my gift early, a camera, I there were like 200 pics from that night that I obviously haven’t gotten around to posting beyond FB.
Job Hunt
I’ve had one interview a week for the past three weeks. One coming up tomorrow, one last week one the week before. I’m getting interviews but haven’t gotten anything yet. Last week’s interview was with a recruiter, though so I don’t know what will come out of that. I think I look good on paper but in person I must be somehow off putting, perhaps it’s that whole selling myself I’m not good at or maybe I’m just not right for the corporate environment. The recruiter lady said based on my work history I’m a “gem” but for some reason it didn’t make me feel better. She also asked if I’d be willing to take out my nose ring and though I said yes at the time, when going home I had second thoughts about it and don’t really want to. She made me think that that was what employers were seeing that might be turning them off. I have difficulty seeing it as being that “edgy” these days but at the same time I don’t want to get rid of it and look completely straight either. On my birthday I’ll have had it for 11 years perhaps it has run it’s course but at the same time. I’ve had it for 11 years, ya know?
I got my first rejection letter from a lit mag I submitted my Vegas Story to. It’s my first rejection letter I’ve got since graduating from the MA. It’s a disappointment, naturally, but I’ve got to keep at it. It’s a rough story to shop because it’s so long at 10,000 words and most word limits are about half of that. Luckily, though, Dani also got me for my birthday the 2012 Writer’s Market book, which I can look through to find more publishers. Keep trying. I’m due to hear back about my shorter story I submitted to a handful of mags after the holidays are over.
Andy and I got a tree when we were grocery shopping at Fred Myer last weed. It’s a tiny little thing, an ‘elf’ tree. Usually that’s something I get after my birthday but that was a convienient time to get it. Plus, I spent my last x-mas away from my family and friends and it’s also Andy & my first x-mas living together.
Saturday we went to Andy’s Holiday party for his work. It was at the Garden Room of the Fairmount Hotel, very posh. We played dress up, had free drinks and a really delicious five course meal. It was a good time. Andy was a bit quieter and was separated from his direct co-workers during the meal so there was a lot of people watching mostly.
Yesterday I worked a holiday party at the Schmee. A board member hired the theatre to do his office party and I bartended. It wasn’t bad. It was Microsoft folks so it was kind of funny to see them “slumming it” on Capitol Hill in a basement theatre. They didn’t drink quite as much as I had hoped for my automatic gratuity, but they turned their noses up at our usual wine offering and lower self booze. Though, luckily them going for the more expensive Irish Whiskey helped the numbers.
Got to talk to Cathy on Skype today. She and Doug have moved into their new place and now she’s in the same position as me while looking for a job (I say same position as me in that at home with dog, looking for job, while man is at work).
We went to go see The Muppet movie on Sunday at the 21+ place in Mountlake Terrace. The move was great. We laughed a ton, I even got a bit teary at a couple of parts, I’m not ashamed to admit. It feels like even though it’s reintroducing The Muppets to this generation again, it’s really geared toward my generation and older, for those who actually grew up with the Muppets. And as usual there’s innuendo joke that the kids wont pick up on. I highly recommend it. The Cinnebar place is pretty neat too. I’m all for that, though it is pricy. That area is weird though because that’s where I grew up (MLT/Lynnwood/Edmonds area) and it always weirds me out to be up there. That complex though is particularly weird because I remember that being all shiny and new in the early 90’s and now it’s looking crappy and depressing. What is now the Cinebar was formerly the MountLake9 where I saw pretty much every movie I saw as a kid growing up until maybe high school when my dad my dad and my friends and I started going to the Crest for movies at a cheaper price. Memory lane, that and the theatre was by one of my elementary schools which is no longer there. This used to be my playground indeed. :P
All right, need to get back to the job hunt and take a walk in the cold.


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Dec. 14th, 2011 04:55 am (UTC)
1. It's Mountlake...no capital L :p

2. You went to Evergreen? I went there for first grade...so weird that it's gone.

3. Scott is in your same boat via job application.

4. Have you thought about switching to a stud? Studs in the nose seem more acceptable. Side note, I took mine out for work during the day for a year or two and the hole never closed up...you'll probably be fine if you leave it out for a bit (especially if you've had yours for 11 yrs, I've had mine for 11 too!)
Dec. 14th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
1) I fixed it. ;)
2) I did go to evergreen. I went there for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade until the district switched me to Chase Lake.
3) Good luck to him.
4) I'm in an odd situation with my nose ring. On my 19th birthday the ball of my ring popped out and I moved my ring to try to pull it out to fix it then it kinda got stuck. I'm not sure if it's really pierced all the way through any more. I fear if I take it out, it'd be out for good or I'd have to get it re-pierced. Ya know how when something's pierced it's supposed to be able to move...yeah mine hasn't been able to do that in 10 years. HA. Add that to the list of things I just shrugged off and never got around to taking care of.
Dec. 14th, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
Take out the nose ring for the interview so it won't be a factor in the first impression they get of you. If you get hired, put it back in. That's what I do with my earrings.
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