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This year's birthday was pretty good. The day before on the 14th I walked to the hill and met up with Raye. She had a gift certificate for Laughing Buuda that Andy got her for her b-day that she wanted to use and get a tattoo. They were able to take her that afternoon and she got a little salt shaker tattoo on her arm. Many "salt" jokes were quipped while the guy was inking her--the tattooist was kinda cheeky. I imagine Raye's going to hear a lot of "shake it like a salt shaker, shake it like a salt shaker" from our group of friends (Samuel, Andy and myself the most I would bet). After that was done she took me to Captian Blacks and we had many a drink and quality Mir & Raye best friend time. It was so great to just drink lots of whiskey and chat the evening away. I could have stayed for longer but we both needed to get home.

Wednesday my birthday proper my mum took a half day so she could take me out for lunch. I met her at her office and we went to Icon Grill by her work. After lunch we sent the afternoon walking  around downtown and she did a bit of x-mas shopping. When I got home Andy made me a very special dinner; lobster tail, halibut with cream sauce on a bed of couscous. It was delicious. I wish I took a picture of it now but I was too quick to eat it. It was a very nice birthday. Got best friend time, got mum time, got Andy time. I feel loved.

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