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It was a good Christmas this year. Many traditions I enjoyed a little more this year after missing them last year in London. In some ways, this year was a test run for new traditions, now that I'm home and living with Andy.

Christmas Eve
On Saturday Andy had a big surprise for Raye (who this year is having a strictly no x-mas stance)--two tickets to the Seahawks vs 49ers game. He tried to throw her off in a few ways like saying they were "taking a drive south" and such. I wish I could have been there to see the look on her face when she saw the tickets but I did have her call me after she found out While they went to the game I went over to my 'rents and hung out, watching Dr Who and drinkin'.

Christmas Day
Christmas day I woke up a bit hungover and sick with a head cold I'm still suffering from. However I woke up kind of early both because I wasn't feeling well but I also had a bit of excitement about x-mas I haven't felt in a long time. When both of us were up we loaded up the presents and Sparky to take over to my 'rents. Sparky's never been over to their place before on account of my parents kitties, Lenny and Patsy. However, not only did we have gifts for the pup but I also didn't want to leave him at home alone all day on x-mas. (On Friday we went to feed Dani's kitties and did some of our laundry over there and ended up being out for 9 hours and some change. I felt really bad.) Sparky was really excited to be somewhere new but the kitties sure weren't pleased about this strange new creature in thier home. Patsy ran away but Lenny looked ready for a fight. It was tense for a while but Lenny eventually ran into my parents' bedroom. Once the pet situation was under control we opened presents.
I made out pretty well but what I was really excited about was watching Andy open his present. I got him the thing on the top of his list, a little digital camcorder. However, I got these prank boxes at Bed Bath and Beyond and put the little box in there. So when Andy pulled back the gift wrap he thought he was getting a "Bath and Brew" a coffee maker for your shower. The look on his face was great, disappointment not so much just in getting a crappy gift but sad to realize that I didn't know him at all--he doesn't even drink coffee, really. It wasn't long before he realized it was a prank box but still, I totally got him! Plus he was really excited and surprized to find out that what he did in fact get was what he most wanted but didn't expect.
Sparky got two gifts. He got a new harness from my parents, one that so far seems to fit, though he did get out of at one point when Lenny came out of hiding, we're not sure how that happened but it otherwise seems to work better. Andy also got him treats that he could smell through the wrapping and it was really cute becasue he unwrapped it mostly himself with his teeth. Basically Sparky kind of stole the spotlight all day being cute and being introduced to Regan and Michel for the first time when they came over. We had a turkey dinner and watched the Dr Who Christmas special which I was very disappointed in. When Andy and I came home with out laundry basket full of christmas booty we played Battleship for a while--one of my presents. (We used to play in on FB a lot when I was in London.)

Boxing Day
Boxing day I woke up excited and determined to play with one of my new toys i got for xmas--my waffle iron. Andy got me a waffle iron, something I've wanted ever since I've lived on my own. So even though I didn't have all the ingredients in the house to make my mums recipe, I made waffles with bisquick with sausages. Really I wasn't going to take no for an answer I was making waffles.
After that I had my first Skype date with Charlotte. We talked for a little over an hour, only half of that she actually had a camera working. But it was so good to see her and catch up. After that I walked to lower Queen Anne to meet up with Raye. We went to the Mecca for a bit of best friend time and then she came over to mine and the three of us chatted and hung out and eventually went out for Chinese food. Monday went by really fast, it felt like.

So a good holiday weekend. I'm still rather sickly but need to get away from the computer to go tidy up and put our xmas presents away and take down our dry little tree.


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