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End on the year: year in review

Since this will probably be the last time I'll be able to get around to writing before the new year it's time take a look back at the year which will be passing. 2011 will be remembered as the year I mostly spent in London. It's when I hit more of a stride living there for sure, as the first months and the holidays of 2010 were much more difficult for me. It was both the year when I experienced total independence but also the year I started my new life happily cohabitating with my fella. Living in London I got to bear witness to some historical events from a jovial Royal Wedding to ghost town streets in the wake of angry rioting. I got to see wonderful theatre and comedy shows while in London but I also finally got to see Glen or Glenda in Seattle for their final show. I got to travel and experience more places in a years time than many people get to see in lifetime. From the road trip in January to my busy summer schedule taking trains to cities I wanted to see in 2011 I stepped foot in every part of the UK with the exception of Northern Ireland but that's okay because I went to Ireland all the same. I even got to revisit Paris to see places I missed the first time around but also find my two favorite bars still there and welcoming. I got 9 months to walk, write and explore and 3 months to reconnect, snuggle and not be tied to skype for interaction with my loved ones. I made friends abroad that I think will be long term friends, maybe life-long if we stay in touch and my x-mas card list is now international! I became a Master, for what it's worth, which in my job hunt doesn't seem like much but it was all an experience of a life time i would never trade in.

There was some bad stuff, some hard times, as any year would have. Drama, homesickness, falling out with friends and friends moving across the country. However, the drama and the homesickness in London is easily eclipsed by all the good and as for friend situations changing at home it's all for the better. I miss Cathy but I know she's on the road to doing what she wants to do and I know we'll always be in touch.

So yeah, a very special year for me.

Top 5 moments of 2011:
1) Having Andy with me in London to ring in the new year. It meant the world to me to have Andy there to kiss at midnight Greenwich Standard Time while the fireworks blasted over the Thames. It was a magic moment of his visit to me. If he hadn't been there the night would have been so different and I would have felt so very far away.
2) Raye's visit to London & our trip to Dublin. The Royal Wedding and even the series of mishaps that came to pass in Dublin still make for such great stories we're both bound to tell people for years and years to come--probably whether they've heard it before or not. :)
3) The night out of the Goldfish launch. Did the event then went out dancing and bar hopping in Soho until the sun came up. One of the most fun nights in London and probably in my life.
4) Revisiting Paris. There was no way that I could be that close to Europe and not revisit the first city abroad that I fell in love with. London will forever haunt me now that I've lived there but Paris was the first city that I fell in love with and longed for all time time. "I was totally haunting Mir like 7 years ago before it was cool"
5) Coming home. Though the actual homecoming moment at the airport didn't go smoothly it was still so good to be back in the arms of Andy and see Raye and Sam and my parents. Plus those first few days with Andy, getting reacquainted with the city were just peaceful and wonderful.

So, thank you 2011, you've been kind. Next entry will be looking to the future and goals in 2012...if the world doesn't end, of course.

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