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Goals for 2012

First off, the obvious--Get a job. There were some jobs that i applied to that just closed after the new year fingers crossed I get a call back. That one I got a second interview for it looks like they're looking at giving it to somebody in the family (it's a big but still family owned business). Just goes to show it's more important who you know. However that gets me out of the pressure of debating if I should turn it down or not anyway.

Secondly I want to loose weight. I at least want to loose the weight I've gained since coming home and the holiday pounds. I'm not pleased with how I look and feel.

Thirdly, close my BofA account and into a credit union. This won't happen as quickly as I thought because Andy and I are going to go in together and talk to somebody about it. If we get a joint account we'll need to do some budgeting and work out what our bills are going to be besides I run out of  left over loan money to pay my student loan bills in Feb so it's something we'll need to work out anyway.

Fourthly, make a better habit of writing as much as possible. I think the key is to dedicate a certain amount of time every day and fill it. If not writing, then at least researching.

This week feels kind of blown, Andy's been sick and I've made some plans with friends but I think the key is to make a schedule to live by. I think I want to have my first hours be for applying to jobs then be out of the house for a walk by 10 or 11am. Then once home I need to write, Then by 4 I do dishes and tidy up before Andy gets home. That is, while I'm unemployed of course, once I get a job I'll really need to fine tune a schedule for walking an hour a day and getting a certain amount of hours in for writing every week. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the mean time I feel I have all this time I'm really not using to the best of my abilities.


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