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Job hunt, snow & wedding

I hung out with Raye on Friday and I hadn't seen her since the No-Pants Lightrail ride and when asked what I've been up to over the last two weeks I honestly couldn't reply. Mostly applying for jobs and preparing for interviews and reading. Nothing terribly exciting. I had a phone interview for an admin job with the Ride the Ducks I was excited about but didn't hear back. I had an interview last Friday for an admin job with The Underground Tour. I was really excited for that job. The building was all old and awesome. The job would actually allow me to do a little bit of writing for a change. I really wanted that job but I learned that the hours were not your standard Monday through Friday 8 to 5. It would be weekends and evenings, so I would never see Andy or be able to go out with friends on the weekends. That really wouldn't work so that softened the blow when I got rejected.
Then of course the snow came and I was trapped inside and, since most of Seattle was on hold there weren't many job postings, so I got to do more reading and some writing done as well. I had found my New Yorker archive set and have been going through reading short stories by some of the authors I have since the MA course become aware of. Andy worked from home during the Snowpocalypse. Even though we're kind of at the bottom of Queen Anne the one block of steep hill in our north and east direction made us pretty stuck. I had to go out on Thursday to procure smokes and soda and was terrified going down our hill and then a steep block down Dravus. I kinda wish I had played in the snow a bit more, but there's not very far to go from our house without hitting a hill and like I said I'm terrified of falling on my ass. We did take Sparky out to play in the snow a few times. He seemed to really like it until it got too cold for him. I had another interview for a job that kept being pushed back due to the snow, but it finally worked out and my dad gave me a ride on Friday. I'm pretty sure I'll get a 2nd interview but my lack of a driver's liscence might be a deal breaker. After the interview I went downtown to meet with Raye and hang out for a bit before going to work my theatre shift.

Saturday was my best friend from high school, Shannon's wedding. It was really great to be there and see my oldest best friend Stephanie (who I want to officiate my & Andy's wedding) and Irene as well. It was also neat to see Shannon's parents as well, though they didn't recognize me when I first saw them.They seemed to be very proud of Shannon and all relived that the snow had gone in time for the wedding. I cried during the short but sweet ceremony. There was some real sillyness as well and Andy certainly won points and approval of my old friends by cracking them up when doing a little lip-sync performance to "Livin' on a Prayer" ha. We all danced to "Come on Eileen" and "Shout" and I decided to split right after that and leave on a high note, as Andy had to get up early in the morning to fly to Chicago for work. I'm a bachelorette for four days.

Our street waking to the first snow

Looking up 13th

Sparky in the snow

A pretty bit on the way to the store.

Shannon & me

Irene, Mir, Shannon, Stephanie

Shannon's dress

First dance

Dance with the bride's father

Boquet toss

Garter toss


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Jan. 25th, 2012 07:34 am (UTC)
That snow is crazy. It actually started snowing up on the hill about an hour before I left for the airport for Cali. While waiting for the plane, it really started coming down. If I had waited any longer I probably would have been stuck in Seattle and missed my moms surgery. I got really lucky.
Jan. 25th, 2012 08:04 am (UTC)
You were so lucky to get out in time. You know how it works here. the world stops. Well, the city stops anyway. I think SeaTac started to have flight delays wednesday and Thursday.
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