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Coming out of the dark

I haven't posted in a while and it's probably for the better. I've been pretty down lately between my grandma dieing and this just being the part of the year where I usually get depressed. I've also dealt with a lot of rejection from job prospects and from publications in the past few weeks that's really brought my confidence level down to almost nothing. Finally, my savings have dried up and I'm flat broke with bills to pay and a new student loan bill looming on the horizon with no secure job prospect in the near enough future to cover it. The theatre audience has been slim this show so my spending money in tips has been non-existent. Finally I've just gotten tired of my life being put on hold, can't get a bigger place, can't save for a wedding 'till I get a job but actually getting a job is somewhat out of my hands. I'm doing all I can but apparently failing first and second interviews, close but no cigar.

Luckily, though I have an amazing fiance who has continuously lifted my spirits when he returned home from work and is there to support me through this rough stint. I think I'm coming out of it. There's some silver lining developing in the distance and my mood has been lifted the past few days. I've got a job interview coming up next week for a job I really, really want and I have all week to prepare myself for it. Plus, though pickin's were slim at the beginning of the week I applied to a load of job openings today. There's also a good possibility that I could get some money from my grandma's savings after my dad returns from Colorado, hopefully enough to tide me over in bills for a month or two. There's been some hints of good news coming in from Andy's front as well which I'll remain cryptic about for the time being. There's glimmers of hope in the distance.

Plus I've done some fun stuff as well. Andy, Dani and I went for some good old wholesome fun at formerly Funtasia on Sunday. I got to ride go carts twice, we played skee-ball, air hocky, mini golf and bumper cars. Andy made two little girls cry and leave the bumper car rink...which makes me strangely proud of him. Afterwards we went and had dinner and drinks at the Tin Hat. The Superbowl at my 'rents the next day was good as well. The Giants are Andy's team so it was cute to see him get all nervous and pace around but then excited and hopping up and down when they won.

Finally  yesterday Raye and I had a BFF date to go to the EMP for the Nirvana thing (I had a coupon too so it was half off for both of us). The exhibit was good and most importantly Raye was satisfied with it. We went up to the little sound station upstairs and had a blast there. You can go in little booths and play instruments. I still know how to play a couple of tunes I taught myself in high school on the guitar and even figured out how to play the riff of the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" while we were in a little booth, Raye played the drum machine. We were briefly and privately a White Stripes cover band. It was fun. After that we went over to the Funhouse and Raye bought me a few beers. It was a great time, a very good day. 

So yeah. Stay tuned for further developments.


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