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Nov. 19th, 2004

taken from trance_bunny
1) My journal is called ______because________.
2) My subtitle is ____________because _______.
3) My friend's page is _______because_________.
4) My username is ____________because_________.
5) My default user picture is________because_________.

1) My jouranl is called Ugly is the new Cute becasue it was something I said once and I thought it sounded cool.

2) My subtitle is I love hyphes so godamned much, they totally kick comas ass becasue I said it once, very passionately and Ginger thought it was hilarious. Incedently my hypen kick has ended I'm more indifferent to both hyphens and commas now.

3) My friends page is pandapropagandas frinds becasue I didn't bother to think of something clever for that yet, I suppose.

4) My username is pandapropaganda becasue those are the two words that rhyme with Miranda. :)

5) My default picture is I'm a small spider becasue I like it. It was taken at the YYY's show and my hair was pink, I was hiding from the camera when ginger took it and the quote is form Eddie Izzard.

EXTRA: on my banner it says "There a panda around here, he's got a gun he's not stupid" because some drunk guy said that to me at the bus stop on 3rd a Union a few years ago. I had forgotten it but Ginger remembered when she made my banner and put it in.

Alright I need to go. I have to go to the library and do some research with my partner for our Geology presentattion. I havne't been to the library for a long time. I love that building ever so much. I hope to get in and out fairly quickily though, as I still have a days work to do in the office.


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