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The good stuff...

It's Friday and since my last post was so down in the dumps and wallowing today I feel I should focus on the good stuff that I wasn't able to last week. So to back track a little...

On May 19th a bunch of us went paintballing. Raye, after learning that she was no-longer deathly allergic to latex, orchestrated a paintball outing up in Arlighton. Paintball has been on my list of things I've wanted to do for years so I was really excited to have the opportunity to finally go out in the woods and play war. There was Raye, me, Andy, Sam, Dani, Lindsay, Astro Becca, Anna and some of Raye's co-workers there. It was kind of frustrating at first because many of us were late, getting everyone ready to go seemed to take forever but the paintball place was overbooked and kind of behind anyway so they were appoligetic and gave us extra time. Our ref was really cool and patient with us, though he was the manager so he was really busy and wasn't able to take and action shot photos (one of the neat perks of this place, they take photos while you're playing and later post them on Facebook for you to grab). We played a bunch of different games in different little war zones.

My capture the flag team kicked ass. There was one game we played where one person is the "president" who is unarmed and he or she has four bodyguards who have to get her across the area while everyone else is an assassin. I got the unfortunate role of being the unarmed president and chose Dani, Raye, Holly and Andy to be my body guards. My guards kinda took off on me and I was left cowering behind Andy who took a lot of shots for me (bodyguards only get "out" in this game with a head shot.Eventually I hid behind a tree and my last standing bodyguard, Raye was out of ammo. Shots were everywhere and I either had to forfit or just step out and get hit. I decided to take it like a champ and go for it and got nailed.

Then the last game we played was probably the best we had 20 minutes left of our time and we spent it in the "jungle" area. This was the game where it was heavily wooded acreage where we could spread out and hunt each other. If there were any time you got to play out Vietnam war movie fantasies, this was it. Yeah, I totally pretended I was in Platoon. I has spotted Anna and was well hidden in the thick, behind a tree and went for it. Somehow I didn't hit her and she got away. One of her team mates, Javier, showed up and defended her and started shooting at me. We shot back and forth through the brush but didn't hit each other. then it got quiet. and I could hear him say to Anna "I see her, she's behind that tree." That was it. I started shooting at Anna again, in the same direction and Javier came up around from the side and got me before I had time to swing around and get him. Now there's a 15 foot shooting distance rule but in that thick forest, that's a hard rule to stick to. He couldn't have been more than 7 feet from me at the time. When they hit you from 15 feet or more hurt, I mean they have a sting that will linger for a while but it's not too bad. This shot fucking hurt. It was good it was our last game because that kill shot pretty much did me in. (I'm not mad by the way). It was fun though. That last game was by far my favorite and exactly the kind of war game I wanted to experience.

After our last game we let out the rest of our ammo on a field of stuffed animals. I'm apparently a really good shot. I took down one bunny tied to a string and plastered another with paint. Perhaps I missed my calling. According to our ref, I was even hitting the target when I wasn't even looking.

After it was done and we handed back our equipment, we chatted in the parking lot for a while and compared battle wounds. Eventually everyone took off but Sam, Dani, Anna, Andy and I hung out together and went for dinner and drinks at the Tin Hat in Ballard and Anna crashed at ours.

This is my fightin' outfit. I really lucked out to find cammo sweatpants at GoodWill. I was PUMPED!

Layers of clothing, war paint, as last cigarette, we're ready to fight.

After the war we make nice for a group photo. :)

My hit from Javier. Ouch

Anna wins the prize of prettiest war wound. Look at that, it looks like a planet or a solar system. It changed colors thoughout the evening too, it was fascinating. The next morning though...

It looked like that!

Softball: Theater Schmeater vs Man Alone Productions
Last Sunday was one of the Schmee's annual softball games. This particular game playing MAP. I really missed softball last year. When I looked at the pictures online from London it made me very homesick. So I was really excited about this game.
The Schmee has been undefeated throughout the few years these games have been going on. However it started to look a little iffy when Alex fell running to first base on his first at-bat so we lost him and Teri. Then a couple innings later Al and his wife left the game, I guess having somewhere else to be. (WTF?) We were outnumbered but we still whooped the opposing team's ass 17 to 6!! Go team Schmee!
I didn't do too bad myself. I didn't strike out once. I got out at 1st once (or twice) and out at 2nd once. I got a couple of RBIs. The benefit of a smaller team is everyone gets more at bats. Michael proved to be the MVP, not only pitching the entire game but also getting the only home run of the game.
I was so proud of winning this one, especially since it felt grim when loosing our players. I had a blast!

Team Schmee standing around before the game

Me at bat, rocking the socks.

Andy getting a hit. He never struck out either, though he had a hilarious fall after getting to first that was only hilarious because he was okay.

Sportsmanship: We win, bitches!

I gotta go really soon but in other news Andy and I did manage to re-arange the livingroom to detur Sparkys barking. It's actually refreshing to change things up a bit. Plus I got to put some more boxes down into the storage space while I was at it. So between that and Andy doing a big apartment clean up last nigth while I was bartending at the theatre, it looks great in here!

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