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Wow, I haven't updated in a long while. Where the hell did July go? It just slipped away.

Raye's Birthday weekend
Lets see Friday the 13th was Raye birthday. I had to work at the theatre and so I met up with the birthday proceedings later at Neighbors with Andy. It was dead when we got there around 10:30 (short of our groups, of course) but by the time Andy & I had left it was hopping. Andy hadn't been to Neighbors before and I certainly hadn't been dancing in a looooonnngg time. I had a really great time. Most importantly, the birthday girl had a good time.
The next morning we had tickets to the Morning Glory Drag Brunch in West Seattle. I feel shitty about his one only becasue I was the one who was supposed to put the even together on FB for Raye's birthday. When I made the invite, only about 2 weeks erlier, Brown Paper Tickets said there were only 5 seats left. So I quickly grabbed up all of them and had to take the FB invite down because the website said the event was sold out. Only Raye, Andy, myself, Samuel and Astro could go with my 5 tickets. However, when we got to the venue it was dead, dead, dead. There were only 14 people. WTF? I was annoyed and confused as to why Brown Paper Tickets said it was sold out. Apparently because I said we were over 21 it only offered bar seats so those were what had sold out. The website is misleading but I feel like a stupid cunt for not figuring it out and robbing the drag queens asses in the seats and Raye surrounded by friends. It really is all my fault. If I hadn't taken down the invite, figuring it was sold out, perhaps someone else would have figured it out we could have packed the place. My guilt aside, and the added guilt of not having enough money to tip the queens every time, aside I had a really good time. I love their Monte Cristo dish and the mimosas were flowing. It was great to have Sam there it was his first time and he was loving it. Raye and Sam went onstage and did the nasty shot-something with orage vodka and a cream based liquor (and Raye doesn't do dairy alcoholic drinks at all) so it was funny to see the look on her face.
After that we went home and relaxed for a bit, Andy napped by I could not, before going to the Queers & Screeching Weasel show at El Corozone. I don't think I'd been to El Corazone since the Epoxies show in like 2006. Andy and I got there, had a drink in the bar and people watched during the opening band. Raye and Sarah had tickets too but didn't show up until the Queers. Man it gets hot in there in the summer. I really enjoyed the show, the Queers especially I think,  but by 2/3rds of the way through Screeching Weasel I was so overheated and sweaty I had crossed the line into being miserable. It helped at bit that the security guys would occasionally shoot water into the crowd, that was my only relief but it wasn't enough after a while. Raye and I skipped the encore to get out of the heat. I don't think I've ever been that sweaty (though being a punk show other people's sweat was all over me too). Nothing felt as good as the fresh air and a cigarette and to see Andy come out of the venue all giddy and happy.

The Schmee had a softball game on the 16th with ACT. It was our first time playing them, an equity (i.e. unionized professional theatre vs us a fringe theatre). The Schmee had an undefeated history of 6-0 when we stepped on the field, though the expectation was that this was going to be the one we were going to loose. A lot of staff showed up for this game though. We had a lot of people on our team and had to swap positions. I was catching half the time, which is better than me fucking up in the outfield. Schmee played strongly in the first two innings and were ahead at first but then there was one inning where ACT got the better of us and we started falling apart. However, we pulled ourselves back together, we also passed on the egalitarian "everyone gets a shot" in our defense and put the right people in their best positions and shut them down a bit more. We also got a few more runs in. In the end though the Schmee lost 12 to 6. We were due, though. It was bound to happen. It seems so long ago I don't remember how well I played I know I didn't strike out and I think I got 1 RBI but it's kind of a blur. I really must write about these things more closely to the time they happen, my memory is rubbish (part of the reason I keep an LJ). The game went by really quickly only a little over an hour. So after the game was over people who wanted to stick around did and we played an informal game just for fun. I was on the team that won that one, not that it matters. At least I didn't feel like a two time loser.

The next day Raye came over and we had a Skype date with Cathy to hear about her travels across the country with her sister, congratulate her on the new job she got and send her belated birthday wishes. We had like a two hour skype date but could have talked to her for much much longer. We miss her so much.

I had some bad experiences with interviews last week. On Monday (the day of the softball game) I had an interview in the morning down in SoDo. I got to ride the light rail which was a bit of a novelty and decided later to take the monorail on the way home as a treat after the bad interview which was a nostalgic novelty but otherwise it was a big waste of time. I wasn't super prepared. The weekend was so busy I didn't put much effort into this before hand and decided to wing it. By the time I got there I really had to pee, which gave me weird uptight posture through my whole interview. I met with the woman, who I would be working under (as opposed to a HR person) and went into her office. Now I've been asked the question "so what did you intend to do with a MA in 'Creative & Life Writing'?"  so often in varying tones from earnest curiosity to downright condescension. This was was on the snide side of the spectrum. My response to this question is to reply that writing is something I'm passionate about and working on but I try to keep the conversation in the realm of my administrative skills. This lady was really focused on the writing thing until she finally came out and said "so you're looking for something to do until you become a famous writer so you can leave your job?" I sputtered and tried to pull myself out but the interview was over. This was obviously not the place for me and I was not for them.
I mean yes, I mean Ideally that would be lovely. That's the dream of all the folks in my program at Goldsmiths. I'm aware it might not happen. I put myself well over a hundred thousand dollars in debt between the two degrees to try to make it happen which puts me in the position that I have to get a job with my admin skills to pay the bills. So really it's already pride swallowing, ass kissing I'm doing in interviews, trying to convince people I'm worthy of putting my hours towards their interests rather than my own, please don't make it worse for me by pointing out how childish or foolish going for my passion was. Sometimes bad interviews in these corporate settings make me realize what a weirdo I apparently am. I just don't fit in a lot of place and so be it. That job would have been shitty anyway. It would have been her assistant and an assistant to a team of sales people and not just any sales people people who are trying to lease copiers to businesses. I've met those people and they're smiley.
Oh yeah another condescending thing she said was "how did you live off of 35 hours a week at your old job." That seemed like an inappropriate question. I had no idea how to answer that. I sputtered again and just said "I...made do with what I had?" Not the place fore me.
Speaking of rude I was stood up for a job interview last week as well. However it was kind of a saving grace because I hadn't really prepared and had that date to have Raye over so it was okay. I didn't like that it took over an hour to get back from Greenlake to my house. Cross town buses are ridiculous in this city. I met with him a different day (having my did give me a ride this time) and the guy was nice but I just don't think the job was for me.
So yeah. That marches on. There hasn't been much to apply to this week, sadly. I applied for one job and got all the way through to the end of their questions only to get to one which asked "Do you smoke?" Because they apparently don't hire smokers (and it was not in the health profession mind you) so that too was a huge waste of time. Maybe I should have lied. *sigh*

I'll keep trying. I've got job security at the daycare through August now so that helps. Speaking of which I need to go get ready fro a day at work. I'll be missing the Olympics opening ceremony tonight because I'll be at the theatre bartending. It's okay though, all this focus on London during the games (even though I wouldn't want to be there during this whole thing) really makes me miss that city and gives me a sense of longing for it. I can't believe I've been home for almost a year it has gone by so quickly. Time needs to slow the hell down a bit.

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