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So a couple weekends ago the weekend before last we took Sparky up the the Edmonds Beach where they have an off-leash dog park/beach. We thought it would be nice and that sparky would enjoy it but he really isn't fond of other dogs. There was some butt sniffing and luckily no nipping but all those dogs, all walking around Sparky wasn't digging it. Actually I think he hated it. When we were comfortable enough with him being taken off the leash he just went straight fro the gate we came in. We weren't having any of that. We put him back on the leash and took him back to the water. We played with him a little on a log, then we took him for his first swim in the Puget Sound. Andy held on to his harness and when Sparky got a good dog paddle going Andy let him go and he swam to shore. We got video of it, it's super cute. After swimming Sparky was cold and was trying to bury himself in the sand to warm himself up. We hosed him off and she was shaking so much we ended up carrying him out of the dog park in a towel...pathetic little dog.

Where did you assholes take me?

Sandy dog...well it's better than a sandy pussy.

Sparky embarrassing us at the dog park.

Last weekend was Seafair weekend which means a party at the Shangra-La (Sam & David's) Sadly Andy was sick so Raye and I hit up the party Saturday afternoon. It was crazy this year, so very, very, crowded with scantly clad folks. The apartment had a DJ and sound system as well as free barbecued burgers and brauts. We got there in time to see the Blue Angles do their flying around thang. We ate some BBQ, I went swimming in the pool but we couldn't stay too long and I couldn't drink too much because I had to go work at the theatre. Apart from getting really bad swimmers ear (which didn't go away until Wednesday) I had a good time. It's a pity that Andy was sick and couldn't go and it was too bad I was so busy I couldn't go back later in the weekend but after missing Seafair last year and missing summertime at the Shangra-La there was no way in hell I was going to miss the party this year and oh yeah, did I mention there was a guy there with a jet pack? Hell yes.


Shangra-La. from the dock. It was like spring break

I've never seen that dock that crowded.

The pool was busy

Blue Angles

They're upside down.


Sunday we had our last Softball game with a theatre company I hadn't even heard of before. Andy was still home sick, sadly. So we lost his awesome first base playing action. However I played better than I ever had. I think playing all these games I've gotten better over this summer. I got a couple RBIs and as catcher I caught a popped up/foul ball and got the final out of the inning. BAM! My dad however, took a crazy fall at third base and knocked thier player down. My dad's a big dude. There was dust, bodies and I think a base flying up in the air it was surreal. He was okay though.The Blue Angles were playing during part of our game which was also kind of surreal, like playing softball in Afganastan or something. Any whoo...The Schmee bounced back form our last game where we got our first ever loss. This game we kicked ass again and it felt right. We won 14 to 1. Go team Schmee!! 7-1 over the last three years is still not bad at all.

Speaking of softball...

While I've been writing this--been rather distracted--we had the Little League regional championship on TV and i was Washington vs Oregon. The Oregon kids were killing the kids from Mercer Island. I said "how did these kids make the regional?" To which Andy quipped "They beat the Mariners" Aww SNAP!


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Aug. 10th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
What is Sparky? He looks like a chi mix?
Aug. 10th, 2012 09:06 pm (UTC)
he's a miniature pincher.
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