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Okay I know folks want to hear deets about the new job but I got a weekend post to do and I only have a little bit of time to get it done so I’ll have to keep ya’ll in suspense for a little bit until I have more time to write.

This weekend was the Theater Schmeater retreat. Terri rented this farmhouse with a private beach out on Whidbey Island. After work on Friday I headed out there with my dad and Michael we were the second to last group to get there (Julia and Miranda P’s car was in line for the Mulkiteo Ferry with us but we got on one boat before them…boom). Once on the island we did get lost looking for the place. We had directions but no map and iPones didn’t work out there. This city girl found the wooded, windy, country roads rather spooky, it’s a level darkness I never see in the city. As we were lost and passed this eccentric’s house whose front area was full of wood sculptures, I was just expecting the chainsaw murder/folk art enthusiast to pop out of the woods and jump in our van kill us all. Eventually we city folks found our way to the wrong coast where Michael got reception enough on his iPhone to pull up a map and sort ourselves out. Yep. City folk all right.

The farm house was super cool. It had two units (which we rented both of), a big kitchen, a big deck and Raye, who came much earlier in the day, scored me and her the awesome master bedroom with our own private bathroom. The first night of course we all spent drinking heavily. I was still abuzz about getting offered a job and celebrating that and we were all up I think until the wee hours.

The next morning I felt rough, having made the mistake the night before of mixing my liquor. Julia made a huge breakfast I mean ridiculously huge. She was cooking for hours it seemed. I tried to fight my hangover with breakfast and a shower and getting a real kick out of feeding the sheep bananas outside. (Yep we had sheep! Their funny noises, human teeth even thier creepy eyes amused me greatly.) After that I took a nap and missed out on a walk people took to the public beach and I also missed maybe the 20 minutes of actual business chat about the theatre.

I did however manage to pull myself together in the afternoon to go out to the beach to play volleyball. The land had a beach volley ball set up so we got everyone together to give it a go. I used to love volley ball. I even tried out for junior varsity at my middle school I loved it so much but having not played it since…it’s harder than I remember. Hitting the ball with your forearms hurts more than I remember it hurting, the net seems higher and it’s harder to get the ball over the net. We didn’t so much have a game as much as we attempted to get a game started. In over an hour of play we managed four volleys but I had a great time. (Apart from getting my legs all scratched up as the one wearing shoes I was constantly rescuing the ball when it went into the thicket.) Ultimately we decided that we should stick to the sport we are good at, softball.

Teri made a massive amount of stuffed shells for dinner  that were delicious but left me stuffed for the remainder of the night. After the sun had just gone down we all headed back out to the beach to gather ‘round the fire pit and roast marshmallows for s’mores. I hadn’t had real s’mores since elementary school so, even as full as I was, I was in heaven.

It’s hard when re-capping things like this to do it justice because well A) I don’t have much time before I have to go to work and 2) you can’t quite escape the “I guess you had to be there” problem. There were loads of reoccurring jokes, funny things people said, that when explained here just wouldn’t seem as funny or would require too much set-up for little pay off. But I will say just for my own mems “it is rather cooling” “she’s the murderer” “shells are tough.” There were the blocks that kept changing that I got pictures of and naturally, with sheep around, there were a lot of sheep fucking jokes that need not be spelled out individually. The important thing, though is that we had a good time and I got so know some of the Schmee folks a lot better.

After a bit of a forced game of Apples to Apples back inside, people started heading to bed, exhausted from all the food, sun, and perhaps the drink from the night before. Sunday morning we cleaned, took a few more group pictures (I had to feed the sheep again and got bitten this time) and headed back to civilization.

On the way back it was my dad, Raye and I in the van. We went back a different way going up the island to Deception Pass then back down through fruit stand country. We stopped at a big stand that also had wine and cheese and sea food and ice cream, where I picked up some sheep cheese (a theme of the weekend) and blackberries (which I had discovered is amazing to put in my Pimms and lemonade) and of course one of their giant ice cream cones.

When I finally got home, not only was a Sparky insanely happy to see me, but Andy had cleaned the apartment, done laundry and had flowers for me. I am such a lucky girl!

View from the Mukilteo Ferry

THe farm house

THe Sheep! Phillip, Winnefred and Steve *we named them)

YUM! THis is how Pimms and lemonade is done in the pacific northwest.

Tide was really out Sunday morning

Deception pass

Deception pass

Ya know, FYI

See what I mean. That's a huge icecream.

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