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So the other night (Monday? Tuesday?) I had gone downstairs to bed after the Daily Show, read a little of my book, and fell asleep. About 20 minuets later, after I had fallen into a nice REM dreamy state, Andy pops his head in and says 'there's a mouse in your boot and Vyvyan is stalking it!' I reply with a moan and a grumble then turn over to hide my eyes from the light in the stairwell streaming in my face. To my mind, Andy's talking gibberish. Is this part of a dream? Whatever it is I don't care. Andy sees that I'm not getting up for anything, closes the door and and goes back upstairs. A little while later, al little after my thoughts "what the fuck was that a about...a mouse...what's he on about..." had lulled back into a dream state Andy came in again. This time he was carring a little tupperware with a tiny mouse inside. "see, look what Vyvyan found"
"What the fuck!" I said jumping back as he held the tupperware over the bed to show me. "Don't drop that on the bed! Jeasus Christ!" (Don't I sound wonderful to live with?)
He insists that he's got the mouse trapped, it's okay he's not going to drop it. "But look how tiny and cute he is."
From what I could see, in the dark, without my glasses, through the blur of the plastic tupperware, it was pretty adorible. Like a little adolescent mouse.
Andy explained that Vyvyan brought it upstairs and wa playing with it--not playing with it in any way that would actually hurt it too much--like it was his little firend of a play thing. The mouse, terrified, looked for cover in my Doc Martin boot and Andy was evernutally able to get the mouse from the kitty and trap him in the tupperware.

"yeah, he's adorable, please take him outside," I say.He is cute, but it kinda freaks me out. Andy takes the mouse out of the room and my heart's able to slow down and I fall back to sleep. Andy, however, doesn't have it so lucky. Back upstairs Vyvyan kept finding more mice and brining them up. Andy kept saving the mice from the kitty and letting them out outside (where liberal guilt foreses us to not think about what probably happened to them out there). It wasn't the same mouse either, coming back over and over, it was different mice. Aparently Vyvyan was stalking them in the basement by the washing machine, like there was a whole mice family there, catching them and taking them to the warmer upstairs to play with them. Andy kept trapping and releasing them. Guess it happened like 4 more times after the first one and Andy was up 'till about 3:30 in the morning.

The next day we tipped over the washer to see if there were any more in there. Not so much. Kitty seemed sad there were no more little friends to play with and was very needy. And the week went on without another mice incodent.

Untill last night we saw two in the kitchen--which that being where our food is freaks me out a bit, to be honest. The pantry is only secure enough to keep Sparky out with a child's lock on the front, the flimsy back peice of the self-assembly furniture, has popped out partially ages ago. So that shit needs to be fixed. We couldn't get Vyvyan to see them (he was a grumpy kitten last night).They went under the stove which, when we tried to shake to get them to come out, they never did. I have no idea if they they're still there. Though when I did get up in the middle of the night last night, Vyv was stalking something by the fridge and didn't seem to move from that spot all night.

The two mice we saw last night seemed bigger than the others. The horrible thought struck me that this was mamma and pappa mouse coming back to find thier five children missing, which again, breaks my guilty heart for demanding Andy take them outside. I am the mouse Hitler. :(

So, any advice on the matter of mice? My first time living in a house, and to live in one so old, this is all new to me. I know there's some chores ahead of us like, fix the pantry, get a brushy thing for the basement door that has a huge opeening, and there's this other hole for ventelation for the gas stove in the kitchen that all need to be addressed but other than those things. How do I manage the not wanting to kill soemthing so cute directly, but also not wanting to have to come home or wake up to find one killed by Vyvyan or Sparky? Andy said they were so cute that, if we had an aquarium, he'd just put them in there. (Though I personally find rodents lame pets, these mice were cute.) But as cute as the mice are, does this mean we're also prone to receive other unwanted guests like rats? *shudder*. Mice and spiders, though not my favorite things in the world, I can accept and manage. The minute I see a rat I'm calling the landlord.



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Jan. 11th, 2013 07:37 pm (UTC)
We fight the mouse battle at our cabin. The solution is:
-Don't leave any food out that isn't in a tupperware or stronger container. They will eat through cracker/cereal boxes, bags of bread, etc. You have to get creative with pet food.
-Find where they are getting in. Usually it's too wide a gap under a door, through an attic, through a whole in your basement somewhere, etc. It can be not very obvious and quite small, sometimes it's easier to spot from the outside of the house.
-Traps. Buy cheap mouse traps and kill them. They breed in huge numbers quickly, where you have one, you probably have 20. Buck up an kill them or live with mice. And live with the increasing smell of mice urine and mice feces and whatever diseases it may carry.

We got rats in our garage a few years ago and had to go through similar steps too. It's part of living in houses.
Jan. 11th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
Good points
By that last description, I guess we do need to buck up. If I can think of 3 places they can get in, then putting the outside isn't really doing much. (Though the racoons living in the tree next to us might get to them first) I don't want a smelly house and I already have enough poop to clean up after two pets, so fair duce.

And now I definitly want to invest in more tupperware.
Jan. 12th, 2013 04:16 am (UTC)
You may want to mention it to your landlord anyway. Since you guys are fairly new to this house, it's a good chance that they were there before you moved in. He may get someone to come out and take care of the problem.

Good luck.

PS - I rented a house years ago that had mice in the garage. They totally destroyed all the books I had boxed up and stored in there.
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