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We got a new toy

This weekend Andy and I went out and got and Xbox360 with Kinnect. It was something I wanted to get him for xmas but I just couldn't afford it at the time. However when I was looking into it while shopping with my mum I posed some questions to the hot nerdy girl at GameStop about the deals and trading Andy's old broken one, info I brought back to Andy later and we thought about it. Andy's hasn't had one since before he moved out to Seattle. I was fine with this, because, though I don't dislike video games I wasted too much of my time having to sit and watch my ex play them all the time (and my former roommate as well). I didn't want to loose my fiance to them. However on the plus side, it would free me up to ignore him guilt free and have the me time to, ya know, actually write. Plus, with Kinnect we could exercise and tone up before the wedding. So even though it's an expense that we shouldn't make (that should go to wedding fund) but we could justify that it could be for the wedding. We actually got a pretty good deal on it because they were giving double money back on trade in consoles so that took 60 bucks off (which we then spent anyway on games and the exercise game Well played GameStop, well played.

The Kinnect is really fun! Our livingroom, the way it's set up, is just barely big enough for the Kinnect. We can't really play 2 players at the same time unless we wanted to move our couch but I'm fine going back and forth. When my folks were over for Sunday dinner, they were really enjoying it too, which was rather funny to watch them. On Sunday morning while Andy was sleeping in (the bloody pets wouldn't let me sleep in, bastards) I tried the work out game. I didn't set up a training program yet but I tried the games and conditioning. I fell in love with the tennis part, it's super fun and I could do it forever. The conditioning was difficult not only because I realized that I have no more core strength anymore but because doing floor exercises on the hardwood floor was not cool. I realized I haven't done push ups on a hardwood floor since high school gym and it was a lot easier then. I'm in the market for yoga mats (had my folks give/lend me their old exercise ball for the work outs) I'm excited about it! Oh yeah and i could really do without seeing myself on the screen working out but I think that's incentive to work harder.

Oh yeah and apart from some nights at Christine and Cory's playing Mario Party Andy hasn't seen how I play video games. He had me try to play some zombie game and it was far too stressful for me. I was afraid to go to face the zombies "Go through that door." "Why would I want to do that? There's zombies on the other side of that door?"  Andy has learned how much I scream when playing those kinda games and how freaked out I get. I don't know if I'll continue with that game. It's too emotionally draining....and all that screaming hurts my throat.

In wedding planning news we ordered the Save the Dates. They should come next week. Yeay! Andy's working on the the hotel rooms we need to reserve. Still working that out. Sunday I made appointments at dress shops. February is going to be a crazy busy month. That's about it. I'm going to be girly and look at dresses on line now.


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