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Making Progress...

Saturday morning I had an appointment to go back to the wedding dress shop and put a down payment on my wedding dress. I got a dress!!!! I was allowed to take pictures of me in it after I made my decision but I must resist positing them so I can save the surprise for the big reveal. Suffice to say it's beautiful and I love it. As Raye and Dani were also there we went ahead and decided on the bridesmaid dress that was there and went well with my dress. After having gotten into some of those Say Yes to the Dress and Something Borrowed Something New- type wedding dress shows my experience was super easy. I grappled between dresses a little bit but not too long, It was obvious which one I liked best, the one that I kept looking at pictures of at work, I think that's a sign. And the dresses for the bridesmaids both Raye and Dani and I liked, they work well with my dress and I could even see them being worn again as a party dress. So that's that part of the planning experience over. It feels even more real now what I know I'll be looking pretty in. :)

Sunday Andy & I drove down to Olympia to meet with Sfirah, my oldest friend, who's going to be our officiant. It was great to see her again as I only see her once every year or two. Last time I saw her was at Shannon's wedding last January. We had lunch and went to the park by the waterfront to continue our chat. She got to hear my & Andy's story of how we met, early days and being apart in London. It was fun to tell those stories again, especially to someone whose known me since 6th grade and would laugh like 'yeah that sounds like what Miranda would do" It was good for us too, to just relax and talk it out to give us focus on the wedding theme overall and just what it is we're celebrating. You start getting into the details so much you can forget maybe what the overall theme should be and what it is we're celebrating. I think she has a good idea of the angle of where to go with the ceremony and has got plenty from us to work with. It means so much to me to have her be the one to marry us and the more things come together the more I'm looking forward to September!



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