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There's nothing like beautiful spring weather to help pull you out of the awful March funk. This weekend was lovely and I made sure to make the most of it and soak in the vitamin D.

On Saturday I went downtown and met up with Raye and we did a little bit of shopping. Downtown was bustling with people and folks dressed up for the anime convention so there was choice people watching. After Raye and I got what we needed we caught a bus up to the U-District. In my 26 years of living in the Seattle area I have never seen in person the cherry blossom trees in bloom at the UW campus. I've seen friends who as either students or staff post pictures of it every year but I've never seen it myself in person. So when I started to see a couple of pics on FB this week and I knew it was supposed to be a nice weekend, I really wanted to finally make happen and Raye was awesome for joining me. I wasn't the only person who had the idea, as it is something that is in Seattle travel books and was on the front page of the times that morning, so the quad was crazy crowded on Saturday. It was so beautiful, though I was a bit annoyed that my phone decided to not let the camera app work when I got there for some reason. Luckily Raye had her point and shoot on her and took some pics for us. Afterwards we stopped at a bar off the Ave and had a small bite and a beer before parting ways.

This morning I woke up and took Sparky for a walk down to the Ballard Locks. The Locks are very close to my house, it's just down a couple blocks, across a little footbridge over the train tracks and bam you're there. I've been meaning to take Sparky there for a long time. Going over the actual locks made him scared. I had to hold him and his ears were pinned back and the little guy was shaking, especially going over the waterfall part. He was a good boy and really enjoyed our little excursion. I plan to do this more often.

Then, this afternoon, Andy and I went and had a picnic at Discovery park and enjoyed a view of all the sail boats on teh sound as we ate our sandwiches. Afterwards, we drove around Magnolia for a little bit, stopped and enjoyed the view of downtown and Mt Rainer in full view on this clear day, then went to Interbay and played miniature golf. It was a terrible game point wise-the par was 40 and I ended with a pathetic 82, however I got a hole in one so that gives me bragging rights despite a crappy overall score. Really a very lovely day. A lovely weekend. One I didn't spend inside the house in a funk. One I actually have something to talk about and even pictures to share...

Sparky surveying the picturesque scene at the Ballard Locks...or watching a goose.

Recouping after the traumatizing tread over the locks...now what's all this then...

A beautiful Easter morning

Spotted a Heron on the Magnolia side

Sparky curious about the canal beach on the Magnolia side. Maybe hearing the train coming in the distance..

A different view of the bridge

Crossing the footbridge over the railroad tracks just in time for a train to come by...

Sparky was afraid of the train but at the same time, curious.

Andy in his golf shorts playing mini golf

Oh yeah to back track a little. Friday night I worked at the theatre. My dad dropped me off at home afterwards and I walked up to the house to discover that the ashtray that's out on the front porch was smoking a lot and the buts had turned into one big smoldering ember-filled almost but not quite fire. I freaked out and ran inside, to find Andy sleeping on the couch. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a glass, filled it with water and ran back outside to put the embers out. Of course, short of a shot class, I picked the tiniest rocks glass I could have possibly picked up..so it took three trips of running back and forth before I got the smoke to stop. It wasn't until it was out that I realized that the water hose was right there next to the front porch, like a mere three feet from the ashtray. Derp. Luckily, apart from the ashtray breaking, no harm was done. Phew.


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