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Quick Update and Welcome to my Nightmares

Haven't updated for a little bit...

Have put some work into the wedding site should anyone care to check it out. Obviously we've made some more decisions about the wedding . Andy's not feeling well this week but when he feels better I hope to get some more important things solidified so we can order invitations. Also, I got a new credit card to help pay for parts of wedding. Not the highest limit, though, so it looks like I'll still need another. *sigh*

Robert threw a nice party on Monday to celebrate my dad becoming Artistic Director at Theater Schmeater. It was a very nice party and nice to celebrate my dad (and my mom for supporting him).

I finally finished reading American Psycho. I started it back in February but had to take a long break from it when I was in my funk because it was just causing me more stress. But I was able to get back into it and plow through the very unsettling last hundred pages and call it done. Next book will be far lighter.

Also been having some weird dreams lately. This is going to be the bulk of this entry because though not the most epic of my weird-ass dreams, they are notable ones...

Last weekend I had a dream that my friend James from London came to visit and for whatever reason brought his two little neices with him. We weren't at our place we were all at some condo/time share kind of place. As I'm showing him around I turn a corner and there's Death (like the character with the robe and the he scythe and everything) sitting on a staircase. I quickly turn around and try to hide around the corner saying to James "Do you think he saw us?" when Death's boney hand grabs my wrist. He looks at me and starts saying creepy shit like "collapsed lung, broken spleen, failed kidney's" and then disappears I'm freaked out but alive but am convinced he just gave the the medical reasons of my death and not the circumstances. So I'm terrified and afraid to leave the condo. So Andy gets to show James around Seattle or Canada or wherever we are, while I'm stuck babysitting the two little nieces. And, even though kids with British accents are more adorable in my eyes, it doesn't change the fact that I don't know how to relate to them and they start being little terrors as soon as uncle James leaves and on top of running around after them I'm terrified that some misstep will be my untimely demise.
...That was a distressing one.

This morning I had a dream that Terri hooked me and Andy up with this amazing house she got from Bernedette Peters (yes, Broadway actress, you may remember her from The Jerk). So we're in love with this house, and it's so big and impressive that we invite some out of town guests to stay with us for a little while, namely Nathan--Andy's friend and best man from Vegas, and Charlotte. Nathan and Andy start noticing strange things happening when we're all away. Like we'd all go out or just the guys would be out but me and Charlotte would be outside chilling in the big back yard and when they/we came home we would notice that appliances had been turned on and stuff had been used. Andy's pretty freaked out about it, and wonders if the place is haunted and I for some reason just go back to the back yard with Charlotte, Sparky and Vyvyanand watch the refinery fire that's been on-going in our fabulous view from this great house until I fall asleep on the lawn. When I wake up I decide to freshen up and wash the grass out of my hair and decide of all the bathrooms in this house that I want to to climb up to the third story bathroom that we haven't done much work on, and go there. This bathroom is huge and has pink, fluffly-shag carpeting all over the walls. When I walk in, I find Mrs. Peters in the bubble bath with a deer in the headlights look on her face, shocked to see me then grabs a towel and runs out of the room. I turn around to see Terri there, looking guilty and just says "she kinda loves this house and didn't want to leave" then offers to give Vyvyan (who I'm holding in my arms for some reason) a bath and just kind of takes him from me and throws him in the tub. That's when my alarm went off.

Yeah. Read into that one what you will. When weird shit happens you cant explain and appliances turn on while you're out, never assume ghosts when the more practical answer is Bernedette Peters squatting in your bathroom. That's the moral I took from the story.

Which reminds me I'm anxious today because I can't remember if I turned off the coffee pot at home before leaving the house...


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May. 31st, 2013 02:52 pm (UTC)
So I hope it was this Teri who hooked you and Andy up with Bernadette Peters' house in your dream. Did you know that her real last name is LAZZARA! No kidding. We're related. Love this blog. I'm stalking you this morning while I drink my coffee. Love.
May. 31st, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
Re: whoa
It was a certian Teri Lazzara who hooked us up with Berenette Peters house, that lady is CONNECTED! :)
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