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Weekends go by waaaaayyyyy too quickly

One more work week to get through before the 3 day weekend. This weekened went way too fast. The Zones have started at the Schmee but for this run I'm working Thrusday nights, which is nice becasue I get my whole weekend but it kind of messes with me becasue I've gotten so used to doing Fridays that being at the theatre has been associated with the weekend having begun but I've still got to go back to work the next day. Kind of a tease, really. Friday was a crazy stressful day at work and I didn't get out until late but came home to a lovely halibut dinner from Andy and we watched movies and just relaxed. The busy part of the weekend had yet to come.

Saturday Andy, Samuel and Dan had an appointment to go figure out suits for the wedding at Men's Warehouse. I left them to it. Aparently brides go to this but I had no intention of overlording over the guy's decision. I mean between the fact that Andy is a very helpful and hands-on groom and the fact that there was a fashion knowledgeable gay boy I figured they were in good hands. So I went over to Rayes to hang out for a bit and kick it before we both headed over to West Seattle for WestSide Glory, the variety show at the Skylark. The show was fun! My only complaint would be that when the drag queens went off stage, to be with the crowd, there wasn't good lighting for them, they were very hard to see in bar lighting--somehting that wasn't an issue druing the drag brunches. But yeah I had a good time and enjoyed most of the acts.

Anna was awesome enough to give me a ride home so that after the show I got to catch the 2am replay of the new, season finale episode of Dr Who, whcih left me not only satisfied with one mystery of the season solved but also so excited about yet another mystery to come for the 50th anniversary. I'm so excited! So that's vaguge to avoid spoilers.

Continuing the nerd theme the next morning Andy and I met up with my folks and saw the new Star Trek movie. I enjoyed it. I liked the brining the science fiction to reflect our own political prediciment. I won't say much because, ya know, spoilers but it was highly entertaining. I will say though that I'm not quite getting the hype about Benedict Cumberbath as the villian. I mean, don't get me wrong I love him as Sherlock (love, love, love it) and I think he did a fine job in this movie as the villian but I don't see why everyone's wetting thier panties over it. I guess becasue, to me, he still has this very posh, public (what we would call private voover here) school boy thing going on about him (partially becasue that's who he really is but also on account of him in the movie Starter for 10), that makes me not particulally terrified of him, even when he's doing the fight-y, smash-y, kill-y thing in the movie. That might just be me though. After the movie my pops went to the theatre for a bit and my mum came over and we played video games with her for a while while Andy cooked a lovely Sunday roast. My dad came back from the theatre just in time and we had Regan come over as well and we talked about photos for the wedding so that's all sorted now too. Wee!!!

Between the suits and photogerpher being sorted it was a productive weekend and fun with nerdy entertainment but man, it went by way too quickily. I'm really looking forward to the three day weekend. Not having MLK Day or Presidents day. January to May is a long time to wait for a day off. I could really use it. Honeymoon seems so very far away.


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May. 20th, 2013 09:44 pm (UTC)
I don't think any if my married bride friends went to the suit picking... Haha.
May. 21st, 2013 05:29 am (UTC)
Yeah I didn't think it was common either but I think Andy said the sales person said that when brides come in they're always nothing but trouble. :)
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