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Schmee News

So the Schmee has gone public about what's going on with the space. Brocklands, the costume shop that was above the space were the owners of the building and sold it when when they closed the business. The company they sold it to are actually really cool and not about tearing down old Capitol Hill buildings to build ugly condos. They're into restoring the buildings instead, they did that one on Pine, the building that had the old "Video" neon sign and had the furniture shop it it. Anywhoo. They were also cool with the theatre, being there, they didn't want us to leave because, well, who else is going to rent a basement, right? Plus, having been in that space for 20 years there's a certain respectability and such. Plus, before the landlords left, the Schmee still had like 3 years left on the rent. So they've been working on restoring the building and it looks good however, with the costume shop gone, really the fate of the space for the theatre rested on what will be going in on the first floor. The costume shop was great because it was open duiring business hours while the theatre operated at night. The ceiling in the theatre is so low and not sound proofed so really only retail going above us would work for us. However, the landlords have to make theirs and they got a renter who wanted to make the space a bar/restaurant. That means the space is basically unusable for theatre once that place opens on October 1st. So the Schmee is looking for a new home. It's not the end of the Schmee, we've got money to move and the landlords are being very fair about the situation. So we're going to do the Twilight Zones, which are practically already sold out, and the summer shows and then move. The timing's not great. I feel sorry for my pops where the move and his daughters wedding might land around the same time. It's not great timing for Raye and I who kind of depend on that extra bar tending money every month (especially with wedding/bachelorette party expenses needed in the late summer). However I'm confident that the staff of the Schmee will hold it together and make new roots. I'm happy to help out where needed, of course. There was all this Schmee love on Facebook on Thursday after the press releases went out and went public with the info, people were posting old photos from various shows and the old-time shenanigans back in the day. I know it was just people showing their support, but I was like, "hey, we're not dead or anything." Things are going to be okay. I just hope the new space we find is still so convenient for myself and Raye too. I will be sad to see the space go, I've got fond memories there, my favorite being the time during the heat wave in '09 where Raye and I couldn't sleep in our second story apartment and made for the glorious basement coolness of the Schme's greenroom and spent the night. I know that sounds so simple but if you remember how hot that summer was (103 degrees) that space saved our sanity. Of course all the fun times at Zones, my daddy's shows and cast parties etc.  Anywhoo more on that story as it develops...the positive attitude of the folks at the Schmee will pull it through.



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