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The All-Consuming Wedding Planning

Man, planning a wedding kind of takes over one's life but in the last week we have kicked some serious wedding planning ass! Since last Tuesday we've...

  • Picked out the three kinds of cheese wheels for our cheese "cake." They are delicious and I'm pshyched! The Calf & Kid is awesome!!

  • Went into a bit of crisis mode when Andy's best man had to drop out. (He's the one who is getting married in Vegas the week after us, so I completely understand the financial burden and am not upset.) So there was some scrambling and a day of crisis mode but it's all been worked out. Plus, Dan, who will be stepping up, hasn't just stepped up he's knocking this best man shit out of the park so far, which is great...and he's local so that helps and means Andy will probably get a bachelor party now. :)

  • Went over our soft budget and came up with a very thorough list of questions for our meeting with the event's & catering bloke at the Castle.

  • Went to the castle with Raye, Dani and my folks on Sunday and got all, well almost all, of our questions answered. We got to look at the space again, and take some pictures, for Marvin to do the flowers. We got to see how the ceremony will be set up in the rose garden. Raye and Dani got to see one or two of the suites we've got. So now two people in the party have seen what the space is like (and understand why we love it). Between looking at the space again, getting our questions answered and focusing on the smaller details it's like I can actually visualize how this is going to work and what it's going to look like.

  • While spending the day in Port Townsend, scoped out a few places for the rehursal dinner as well, which my folks will be helping with.

  • Last night, now with firm numbers in hand from our Port Townsend visit, we re-did our budget..which was kind of terrifying.

  • With the hard numbers, and figuring out what we can pay out of pocket here and there, and what will need to go on a credit card, we took a gamble and made the plundge of booking our Honeymoon. We'll be going out to Vegas for Nathan's wedding for a weekend, from there we're going to Hawaii for a week. (Yeay!! I'm going to Hawaii!) We're staying at a place of the very south bit of Waikiki.

So yeah, very producitive week. The wedding has solidified a lot for us and obviously as has the honeymoon since it's booked and paid for. I feel a bit of a relief that's it's booked becasue as time passes packages weren't getting any cheaper, but also it feels like a gamble on how much we get from guests, friends and family on the honeymoon registry.

In other non wedding news, Friday went out to see Andy's favorite band at the Showbox Market. I'm really proud of him for going after a rough day at work, with wedding/best man crisis day, and well, I didn't have the best day either. But, missing your favorite band is not going to make you feel any better and while the band was playing Andy was bouncing up and down and singing and having a good time. Busy weekend ahead with Samuels 30th birthday and Bat Country release party but gotta make it through the week first.


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