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It's ups and downs--Quick weekend update

Last week I had a busy weekend ahead of me with Samueal's 30th birthday party on Friday, The Bat Country CD release show on Saturday and Father's day on Sunday.

Friday after work I was a bit rushed to run home and get ready and collect Andy and the birthday boy's cake and bus it back downtown to Hula Hula but we got there in good time and met up with Raye and Dorothy setting up. The party had a glam rock theme and we had kareoke for free for the first hour, compliments of the awesome staff of Hula Hula (who love Sam). We had Iggy Popcicles planned to come out at midnight and a Red Velvet (Underground) Cake.

I wanted to have the banana album cover in icing but they wouldn't do it for copyright reasons. Becasue i didn't have a picture of a plain old banana (yes they required a picture) on hand so we just stuck a banana on it. Bananas are good. :)
The night was fun. Samuel was all dressed up and doing kareoke, living out some rock star fantasies, I'm sure. There was a good turn out, plenty of friends I got to chat with outside, dance with, drink with. Samuel opened his presents. Folks were either dressed up or in makeup. I got to see Andy do kareoke, which was technically the first time I got to see him sing on a stage in person (he used to be in a punk band well before I knew him). All in all it was a fun night, and most importantly Sam was having a good time and feeling the love for the big 3-0.

Unfortunitly, later in the night Andy checked his phone and got news from Nathan in Vegas that thier friend Mike had died. Mike was Andy's roommate for 4 years at the townhouse. Andy was pretty taken aback and upset. With the bad news, emotions and alcohol it was best for us to head out so I quickly paid the tab said some hasty goodbyes and Christine & Cory kindly gave us a ride home.

We were going to play Saturday by ear and see how we felt about going to the Bat Country show. On Friday I was optimistic about making it  becasue the band had suffered their own great loss and were getting up on stage, that maye it would be good for us to follow the example. But then, on the other hand Andy and I we stayed up until the wee hours after we got home on Friday. Come Saturday I was hungonver and Andy was feeling physically drained from the loss so we called it after 8pm or so and ultimetly we opted to stay in for the night, not feeling too social and snuggled on the couch together.

Sunday, now feeling physically better, I had a skype date with Charlotte then got on that house clenaing I had on my agenda. Got the place cleaned up, got my dad a Father's Day present (Groupon to 18 holes fo golf) and had the folks over for an amazing dinner Andy made--the hallibut with cream sause and goat cheese. I think my dad had a good father's day and the house and our spirits were picked up a bit with the close company of family.

So yeah a very up and down weekend with lots of emotions and strange circomstances--leading to a very vague weekend post, I know but there it is.


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Jun. 18th, 2013 08:31 pm (UTC)
I'm bummed we missed Sam's birthday, but we were worn out from a busy week and not feeling dressing up or karaoke. Actually I'm never feeling karaoke. Christine and Cory driving you home sounds like some burying of the feud has happened, that's a good thing. I won't tell you how awesome the Bat Country show was.
Jun. 18th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah I usually avoid kareoke like the plague but for Sam I'll make the exception. Plus the good people of Hula Hula love Sam and were eager and easy to work with for the party.

I bet the Bat Counrty show was awesome. I still hold thier show in Ballard last year as the most moving expeice I've had at a show so at least I still have that. Sorry to have missed it though. Will need to get my CD and t-shirt I said I was going to pick up at the show. Guess I need to harass Bill or Melissa.
Jun. 25th, 2013 06:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I still need to get my merch too! Apparently we were supposed to pick it up there, but Amy never told me and she forgot when we were there.
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