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While the rest of the Engligh-speaking world has it's eyes peeled on Kate Middleton going into labor in London, I keep checking Doug's FB page and my phone for news of Cathy's delivery which should be happening today. I understand this could take hours, but they are 3 hours ahead of us on the east coast so I figure she's been working on it for a while though I guess there's some waiting involved. I don't know. I await the good news of one of my best friends.  Go Cathy!

Speaking of friend's big life news, July 13th was Raye's 30th birthday. She and others went to the Sub Pop Jubilie down in Georgetown and I skipped that to make a gazillion mini cupcakes for her birthday party at Norwall (Downstairs to the Unicorn). Andy and I went early and saved a spot in the raised area in the back and Anna & Samuel also came early to decorate. I was worried that with so much going on for the past month or so that Raye's b-day was put together rather last minute and that we didn't do it jusitice when she works so hard on other people's b-days. I don't think Raye sees it that way and she had a blast at her party and felt the love so all was well. Dani and I walked her home at the end of the night and we stopped by Hameed's hot dog stand and he gave Raye a free birthday hot dog. It felt like old times and was great. I'd post pics from that night but LJ has been lame lately (I can't start new paragraphs for some reason--or if I do I'm going to have to do it in HTML-- which is really annoying me so I'm not going to bother with the pictures...many were blurry anyway as my phone is not crazy about party lighting for pics)

I'm going to be going on my first business trip in August. I'll be doing a presentation at a culture camp in Denver. I really want to do well and make my boss proud, get over, or at least ignore, my usual stage fright. This is a great opprotunity on getting our name out there in that region, too good to miss so though they'd probaby rather have my boss there speaking, I'm taking up this one. I was super jazzed at the prospect of doing this presentation, I had ideas about how to do it, but I've gotten so busy with other things that I haven't been able to work on it yet I'm really hoping I don't have to pull it together at the last minute and feel ill prepard and stressed. I really want to do well. Also I get to kill a couple of birds with one stone and since I'll be in Denver I can make a breif visit with family, which is good since my grandparents aren't fit to make it to the wedding and other familiy members we couldn't invite. So yeah. We'll see how this whole thing goes (lack of ability to drive has been a logistical hurdle but I'll sort it out. If I could manage a year in London, I think I can manage 3 days in Denver--even though they don't have the public transport.

Finally wedding update, we're pulling in the last stragglers of RSVPs and getting a firmer grasp on the numbers. This weekend we figured out some things about the ceremony and purchased our guest book and our favors. I also got my hair did and found a good color combination to get a vibrent red (can't make it super vibrant since my hairs a bit dark but it's pretty bright right now, I'll get a touch up before the wedding for sure). The big day is two months away now. And after the last couple of months we've been so busy we haven't done a whole lot, we'll be going full speed ahead from now on I imagnie. So exciting!


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