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So yesterday I got on my regular 33 bus, struggled to keep my eyes open through the ride and got off on 3rd and Virginia. I walked across the street, past Bed Bath & Beyond, and I went to my building. As I opened the door I recall NPR saying it war 8:44, which I noticesd as being a little be later than usual. Meh, no biggie, I"m the first one in the office anyway. I went down stairs to get the weekend's mail, then up to my floor. Dropped off my stuff in the office and went to the restroom real quick when I heard lots of sirens outside. But you know it's downtown so I hear sirens a lto, I concstantly have to close my window when i"m on the phone and they start going off. So yeah, no biggie. I go to my desk, fire up my computer and in a little bit I start to notice helicopters, something must be up. Well what I didn't know until later in the day, was by nature of where I get off my bus, going through my normal routine I was a mere two stops away from avoiding all this.

Kind of freaky when I saw in the news that it was the very bus I was on (the 33 turns into the 27 when it gets downtown, the 27 is the bus I would take if I were to go to Samuel's place.) I mean, sometimes I get off on Pike if I stop to splurge on getting coffee which is rare in these tight days of wedding financing. Sometimes I get off on Union to go to the post office before work (but I usualy come in early if that's the case) so odds are good I never would have been at that stop to witness what had happened but it's kind of crazy that a difference of two stops makes for a completely different day.  Luckily the bus driver is going to be okay and it's good that noone else was saverely injured. Getting on the bus this morning was a bit weird becasue I could kind of tell of us regulars who realized and those who hadn't a clue. Then of coure today as I got off (I usually sit towards the back) I noticed that a cameraman and a reporter were interviewing people in the front while the bus was going. Bizarre.

Oh yeah and another weird occurrence, Friday night (well, technically Saturday monring) there was a great thunderstorm which by itself is rare for us in Seattle and our power went out in our neighborhood for two hours. It was pretty neat though. We opened the curtains and watched the night light show in the dark. It was rather romantic, actually.

I'm going to be busy, busy, busy with wedding stuff. 39 days. I made a list and have started to get in the rhythum of knocking things off of it. Just this weekend we got shoes for myself and the girls sorted out (I love my shoes so much!), and had a meeting with Marvin about his ides for the flowers. Marvin's sketch of my bouquet looks amazing!

Oh yeah and this coming weekend is the last weekend of Game Show at the Schmee. The last production in that space. I'm bartending on Thursday and me thinks I might get a bit faklempt.

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