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One month *squee*

We're at the one month countdown from the big day. Andy and I had a super productive weekend of getting stuff together for the wedding. We picked out our rings, we bought the prizes for best hats, we put our favors together, we got the "cake" toppers. I got my gifts for my bridal party ordered. Plus just yesterday I brought my dress in to be altered and shant be seeing it 'till the week before the wedding. Still a lot of items on the to do list but we crossed off a handful which felt really good.

Andy and I discovered also that we had a very similar nightmare about the wedding being a disaster. For both of this dream involved the wedding being at some lodge with a big moose head on the wall and also involved one of the main stresses being that this venue had like 3 other weddigns going on at the same time and we were getting no attention from staff and our friends were all going to the wrong wedding and the turn out of our was pathetic. Very strange we had the same dream (with different variations of side dramas, of course). Unless this is like a common dream for people about to get married. Like the horrible teeth falling out being a universal nightmare. I wonder. It was creepy though, when we discovered we had had the same one but it's liekly a stock nightemare during wedding crunch time.


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