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Busy, Busy, Busy

We didn't even think anything of it at the time. It just passed like it was nothing special at all. In fact, I could even be remembering it wrong but Tuesday night, I think, was the last evening and probably will remain the last evening, where we just relaxed and didn't work on wedding stuff. We just had dinner, watched a movie, had some personal couple time and watched Jon Stewart's return to the Daily Show. Maybe we did something when we first got home...I don't know. That is to say that every evening lately and every evening conceiveably ahead for the next two weeks will be busy with wedding things.

Labor day weekend? Flew by, busy with the music selection and hours at seperate computers on opposite sides of the house with headphones on. Actually that's not how we spent all of it. I exagerate. We went to Anna's lovely pool party and spent some time swimming, drinking beer and eating pizza. We also went over to my folks on Sunday and had a nice dinner and showed them a film. I also got to have lovely skype dates with both Charlotte and Cathy over the weekend. (I truely love Skype but I'm very excited to see these ladies in person soon!) And there were bouts of battling on XBox on occasion, so the weekend wasn't as oppressive as it sounds, really. I just spent a lot more time staring at a computer screen than I would normally during a three-day weekend, especially the one that is the big farewell to summer. On the plus side the music is mostly done and we were not ones for want of music. If anything we had WAY more songs that we wanted to play than we have time for. Though I did spend too much money on Mp3s from Amazon for ceremony music and when I realized "wait how do I NOT own THAT song!" Actually though grueling it was kinda fun. What will not be as much fun is programing a backup playlist on my Mp3 player in case my ageing laptop decides to be a dick and not work. That shall be tedious and is the reason I also made an excel spread sheet of the playlists to work off of.

Yep it's busy, busy, busy time and for each thing we cross off the to do list, we remember to add something we forgot to put on the list in the first place. The next step is learning to let go and start to delegate. We have the wedding party as our minions who we have scarcely utilzed as much as we should. Next week Charlotte hits town and armed with an orca card and hours of work-free days can definitly help with stuff. We gotta accept that on the big day all our friends are there to put things together so that I'm not lifting wheels of cheeese myself and gettiing cheese sweat on my wedding dress. I just have to delegate and know that it'll happen. The same goes right now for guests sorting out thier rides. I've tried to accomodate and help people connect to get rides out to Port Townsend, then tried to help people connect by making a facebook event page and beyond that I just have to accept that it's really not my responsibility. They are all adults. They shall make it, unless they don't. So yeah, that's where we're at. This weekend more planning and coordinating and cleaning for Charlotte arrival. The break from all of it is seeing Adam Ant, though and I've been looking forward to that since April. Hooray!


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