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Catching up...

I'd like to quickly catch up on the weekends past, since, as I've stated before, I can't be expected to remember much if I don't get it written down.

Last Friday was the re-institution of game night. It was something that's been talked about for a while but finally Dani sent out FB messages that lit a bit of a fire under our asses and Samuel was the first to volunteer as a host. He was a fabulous host of course, he made two wonderful vegetable curries (so I hear I didn't get any because it was all gone by the time I got to the food table). I felt kinda bad for him because the number kept getting bigger and bigger some at the last minute after he had already done his shopping. The turn out was huge, probably too huge, getting like 23 some odd people to focus all on one game is a bit impossible. We played Cards Against Humanity which was good for a good group but we still only got around to less than half of the folks as judge before one break times got longer and more uncontrolled. For example there was an interlude where Astro and Samuel got down to their skivvies and danced around for everyone. I was a bit surprised most folks, myself and Andy included left before midnight. (Is that an after 30 thing now?) So it was fun, though. Some drama in the evening but good to re-institute a game night.

Saturday evening was Arik & Marvin's wedding celebration. They got married at the courhouse but had a reception of sorts at It was lovely. Arik's ring is the huge fabulous thing. The two of them looked sharp and super happy! They've been together for I think over 25 years and for them to finally tie the knot is a very special thing I'm so happy to be a part of. Jeff & Lisa were their witnesses at the courthouse and Jeff did the toast at the party that got me a bit teary eyed. Also to have them say that when they came to Seattle 7 years ago they didn't know anybody but they filled a house full of friends celebrating their union, that got to me too and made my eyes well up. Arik cooked the food for the celebration so you know that everyone ate well. The dinner was delicious (Arik makes the best collard greens I've ever had!) and the drinks were flowing. Before we had to go I made sure that Andy & I got photos with them.

This Friday Andy & I were hosting a poker night. Andy did a poker night for the bachelor party and everyone had such fun they figured to do it as a regular thing. Unfortunately this month when we were hosting a lot of folks were unavailable that night or backed out on us. So it ended up being Ryan, my pops and Andy's boss Wayne...and myself and Andy of course. I was one of the guys! It was fun. I played pretty well at the end of the night, when it time for folks to head home, Andy and I were the only ones with chips left so since it was a winners take all we just kind on won collectively, though in fairness Andy had more chips than me. I think my mistakes early on my "I don't know, I"m just a girl" made everyone think I didn't know what I was doing and surprised everyone with my smart plays. So woo-hoo me. Although I do feel a little guilty for Andy and I winning, I feel like we invited people over and then charged them $10 or something. Ah well

Saturday was the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special I had long been waiting for.

I enjoyed the episode, it was a good one,it was so nice to have a new episode with my doctor (10) I was beaming in my TARDIS hat for much of the day and re-watched most of the 7th season while Andy had a long nap. So yeah, Saturday was completely lazy. I had Dr Who written in my calendar and didn't care for much else. Also I was afraid that I was getting sick I was very sniffly, but apparently a day on the couch with a blanket and an dog on my lap watching Dr Who made the sickness retreat and I felt fine the next day.

Sunday I cleaned the house from the party on Friday and the laziness of Saturday. We are hosting thanksgiving so I wanted to make sure the clean while I had the time. It's back to presentable now. After I was done Andy and I relaxed and played a video game for a while when my dad called about bringing feta over from Costco. Although I got a Costco sized feta only a few weeks ago and still had plenty left I didn't think much of it and we continued playing until my folks came over. Only they didn't bring feta they brought me a new laptop!!

They all went in on it, my folks and Andy, and said it was an early b-day gift. My birthday being 3 weeks away I was completely shocked and without words.  I couldn't believe it! I certainly wasn't expecting it. But I'm very grateful. My former laptop, which has served me well and, despite being old already managed to hold itself together throughout my entire year in London where it was pretty much my life. If I wasn't out and about exploring the city, if I was in my dorm room unless I was sleeping or reading a book, I was using that thing. It was my internet machine, my writing utensil, my television, my connection to home. But I got that laptop in 2006 and it was a refurbished piece to begin with. In the past six months or so it started really falling apart. Keys were falling off, it had to be plugged in to work at all and the final blast was that the connection to the power cord within the computer wasn't working any more so it often wouldn't work at all unless the power cord was in the exact right position. Still we managed to pull the wedding music together on that thing and so it served it's one last great purpose. However when we brought the laptop to castle for the wedding and the thing refused to work we used my MP3 player which I had as a backup. I haven't really taxed the poor thing much since then with the exception of one Mighty Boosh marathon. It was for most intents and purposes dead, but I think I was in denial.

So I really, really needed a new lap top...and now I've got one! One made in this decade! Windows 8 is going to take a lot of getting used to and I'm going to have to figure out what to do about getting Office Suite (or at least the bits I need like Word and Excel). However, I've got my music and pics and files on it. It has a DVD tray and I've set it to region 2 so I can watch my British DVDs. I've played with it and personalized it a little bit. I'm so happy with it!

I feel bad though cause at the time I hadn't even gotten Andy anything for his b-day and his is this Wednesday! Well I got something for him which I wanted to be a b-day gift but it's not going to make it in time so it looks like it's going to be an xmas gift instead, unfortunately. I feel so loved and can't help but feel kinda guilty about it. 


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