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An Overdue Update

No time to do a retrospective of 2013. In fact it's kind of daunting to update all the happenings since my last post. Some good, some bad. It's been kind of a difficult holiday season

  • I turned 31, spent the day baking xmas cookies with my mum, was sad to learn that Sam & David's beloved dog, Muffin, had died, was, however, pleasantly surprised by a visit from Raye

  • I had a very difficult, emotional week and ended up resigning from my job

  • We hosted a gathering at ours for folks to see Doug & Cathy while they were in town and meet Benjamin (their baby)

  • Charlotte came to visit from London for the winter break

  • We had xmas eve at my folks with Charlotte & a xmas day at our place

  • Theater Schmeater's Kickstarter campaign to Shelter the Schmee was funded!

  • New Years party at Melrose

  • I got a nasty cold that I couldn't really slow down for (couldn't take an unpaid sick day in my last remaining days of employment and needed to give Charlotte a farewell send off) and managed to pass on to Andy, Raye and Dani. I'm still suffering from it myself with a nasty cough (difficult in job interviews) and sleepless nights. Boo.

  • My best friend got engaged! (and I'm a maid of honor-woot woot!)

Yeah, more detail on some of those might be forthcoming but at the moment I"m kind of headachy and can't really focus but yeah that's the overall gyst of everything.

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