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Well that's one way to start the week

Monday morning Andy had an important meeting right at the start of his work day. I had an appointment with a staffing agency at nine. I kissed him goodbye and told him to have a good day and he headed out to his truck, but it wouldn't start. A door didn't close on Saturday night and the dome light had been draining the battery all day Sunday and into the night.

Andy called my dad to see if he could give a jump start but my dad was taking a walk around Green Lake so it was going to be a while to walk back to the car and get over here. We waited. I felt wretched as it's usually my door that gets the seat belt stuck in it and doesn't close properly, so I figured this was all my fault. I thought for sure when we got home on Saturday night, I closed my door, the seat belt stuck in it, so I did it again to make sure it was properly closed. Though it was a bit early to do so I got dressed into my interview suit.

My dad eventually showed up in the Cavalier convertible and got everything together to jump start Andy's truck. He connected the cables and got into his car to turn on the power while Andy did the same. Nothing happened on Andy's side. My pops got out of his car to check on the connections or something then went back to the driver's seat door to try again to discover that his car was locked with his keys inside.

A little panicked but quick on our feet, I grabbed my key for my folks' house and my dad and I hopped on the 33 to their house so my dad can get his spare key to the Cavalier. We looked an odd pair on the bus, me in my suit and my dad in his gear for talking a walk. Though it's a short ride to their house, it felt tedious to make each stop to pick up people to go to work but we got to my folks' house and looked for the keys. Feeling kind of pressed for time my dad grabbed a few sets of spare keys, not quite sure what was what, and we drove his other car, the Volvo, back to my house.

By the time we got back to my place, Andy's truck was running. Still attached to the Cavalier when we had left, the electricity slowly transferring from one to the other was enough to get his truck started, but the Cavalier was blocking the way out of the driveway for Andy to get out.

My dad went to the door of his car to open it up, but of all the spare keys he had brought with him, the Cavalier was not one of them. This just keeps getting better and better. He made the decision to carefully tear out the window in the back (it's a convertible, remember) and have one of us crawl in and get the keys. It took some time but we got the window pulled out completely and Andy did the crawling (as I was in my suit) and got the keys out.

My dad was able to move his car and Andy peeled out of the driveway to work.

I helped my dad cover up the hole in the back window with a towel and he gave me a ride to my appointment (for which I was early, surprisingly).

As I was on the bus home from my appointment I got a call from Andy. He went out to check on his truck on his morning break to see how it was doing and it wouldn't start again. He discovered that it was the door behind the driver's seat that was ajar, not the front passenger door. The battery had dies again and he needed another jump.

Now, looking back on it, it was a clusterfuck of errors that you can't help but laugh at. I mean just one thing after another. However I still feel really bad because my dad's in a situation of not knowing what to do with his convertible. He can put the window back in but it won't be the same, water tight or might pop out if he want's to put the top down. I feel really, really about about the whole thing.

The moral of the story? Well first of all, let's all make sure the doors close when we get out of Andy's car. (We might have to be dicks about it when giving rides to people and need to be more aware of it ourselves.) It's amazing how one little action (or lack of one) can spark a chain of events so--I want to say catastrophic, but that might be a stretch--time consuming and expensive.  All of this first thing on a Monday morning. Not the best way to start the week. Happy hump day. 


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Jan. 30th, 2014 09:15 pm (UTC)
A few years ago I picked up a car battery charger/jumper that I can run out to my truck or car with an extension cord. I think it's saved my butt 5 or 6 times (I don't drive my truck sometimes for a month or two, so it's battery can die). Totally worth investing in if this has happened to you before.
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