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Job hunt
Today is going to be a nerve-wracking day. I expect to hear back on whether or not I got a job from two places and if I will be starting a new job Monday morning. Last week was bloody crazy. With 5 or 6 phone interviews and two in-person interviews, I felt really in demand but also exhausted with trying to sell myself. A couple of those places I interviewed last week haven't gotten back to me so I guess I've lost those but this week I've had two in-person interviews and, like I said, there's two jobs of which I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting. I'd prefer one over the other (I have some reservations about one of them, I foresee a couple of issues very similar to my last job, which is worrisome). If I get a no from both places, I'm not going to lie, I'm going to be very discouraged. I vow to go do a mock interview at the former Career Development Center at Seattle U and get to the bottom of what is so off-putting about me.

Valentine's day weekend
Since Valentine's day landed on President's Day weekend this year, Andy opted to take the 14th off from work instead of President's Day. It was not a super fancy Valentine's day but it was really nice. We spent the afternoon watching Curling together. (Don't knock it, we freaking love curing). We went to our neighborhood sushi place and had and sushi dinner. This was followed by a visit to the pub where we scratched the demanding itch to gently push stones across a smooth surface--generated from 3 hours of watching curling--by playing shuffleboard at the bar. It was made more epic by the fact that I left that bar as the victor that night. I came from behind and beat Andy fair and square (he would not purposefully lose just because it's Valentine's day, is what I"m saying). It was a very nice valentine's day.

Oh yeah, and I got flowers, of course. Yeay!

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