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My last week of being unemployed

This week was my last week of being unemployed. But unlike the previous three months I didn't have to spend most of my day applying to jobs. I finally got to spend time doing the things I wanted/needed to do.

This week I've been able to cross these things off my 'to do' list...

  • Celebrated St Paddy's day with Raye and some whiskey

  • Skyped with Cathy

  • Udated/reorganized my music on my Mp3 player

  • Finished watching the final episodes of Farscape on Netflix

  • Caught up on Oscar-nominated new releases on demand, watched American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave with Andy.

  • Did some major spring cleaning of the upstairs, did the works, dusting, scrubbing the tub, cleaning the curtains, sweeping under the couches, etc.

  • Went out for coffee with my pops one last time and as a bonus I got to see the progress of the construction at the Schmee

  • Went to the UW to see the cherry blossoms in bloom

  • Went shopping for professional clothes for the new job (still have some more shopping to do)

  • Hung out with Dani

  • Took Sparky to the dog park

Still to come...

  • Clean the basement

  • Halligan party!

  • More shopping for clothes.

The only thing I failed at was pet-shaming Vyvyan for pissing in our laundry basket. (I should add to the first list list above, "picked up hampers at Fred Myer"). Throughout the week I kept writing his little transgression down on paper and trying to put it next to him long enough to take a picture. My stupid scardy cat is afraid of note paper and kept running away. *facepalm* Also, though it wasn't on my list on the on-set I also discovered a new season of Horrible Histories was on Youtube. Got pulled into that too which only slightly stunted my productivity on Thursday which is why I need to go clean the basement now. Off to it I go...

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