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I started my new job this week and all went pretty well. I mean I spent most of my time sorting out my technology. Getting a second monitor at my station. Getting access and permission to the necessary stuff, the outlook calendars, the SharePoint site, the staff portal. I read through my retired predecessor's notes and had the President's Executive Assistant and the receptionist of the executive office walk me through some of my duties.

I met probably over 60 people and retained the names of maybe about 8 outside of my office. It's been a long time since I've worked in an organization as big as this and similar sounding names--Kurt/Kirk, Greg/Craig, etc--will be the bane of my existence for the next few weeks, (but as far as banes of existence goes, that sure as hell beats being called stupid on a fairly regular basis so I'll take it). I've found attributing people to their celebrity look-alikes helps. There's a woman who looks like Sigourney Weaver and a dude who looks like Snoop Dog, I've got their names down.

I'm feeling so much more confident about my ability to do this job and feel like I'm so much more myself there. I mean, I'm me so I'm still in the shy, feeling people out phase. Still though I'm able to joke around a bit and I feel way more myself at week one  than I felt after 6 months at the last job. On Friday I was invited to go out to lunch with the President's EA and the Assistant Provost but I had to decline because I couldn't afford it, which sucked but it would've been good to get to know people a little out of the office but we've got one scheduled next week on pay day, Mir's choice. Woo!

Lunch is a bit weird. I'm not used to having an hour lunch and to be honest I really only took half hours most of the week because I didn't know what to do with myself for that long. I'm trying to get out of the habit of eating lunch at my desk, so I've tried in common area of the building, and I've mostly been eating in the kitchen of my office but that still feels awkward. (It's what my predecessor did but I guess she was the only one who ever ate there.) I've been bringing sandwiches in since I"m broke but it takes me far less than an hour to eat a sandwich and even checking FB and stuff on my phone I'm just so used to taking half hour lunches I just go back to my desk after my sandwich is done. Having an hour will be great though once I get money and I can afford to go out when I want to, or if I have someone to meet me for lunch. Or, to think more positively when I have work mates to go out to lunch with.

My hours are so much better. The buses from my house in the morning are lame, they come really close together. I learned before my first day that of the two buses I can take from my house, my options are still to get to my stop downtown either at 7:20-ish or 8:10. So I'm starting at 7:30 and getting off at 4:30 SO much better than getting off at 5:30. I've lost an hour of sleep, I'm now getting up at 6am instead of 7 but I"m getting an extra hour in the evening which I much prefer. If I'm doing something after work that gives me more time and that extra hour at home with Andy is time better spent with him than the half hour we had together in the morning all groggy and non-verbal. Oh yeah, I'm in Belltown now, instead of the retail district so it's harder to find a seat on the bus on the way home but, meh. That feels somehow less of a pain when I'm not the one paying 2.50 to ride the bus anymore.

I'm so relieved and happy about the pay and the benefits. Come Tuesday I will be released from the all too tragic American fear of getting sick or injured and it ruining me financially. I will not be crass and say what my pay is but as I think I might have mentioned it's a 44% increase in salary from my last job. This is huge. I mean things are still going to be tight as we crawl out of the hole I put us in in my 3 months of being unemployed. Not to mention the $400 shopping spree on credit I went on to get professional clothing for the new job. (So worth it to have lots of clothes to choose from and feeling confident and well-dressed in my new gig and OMG my new BOOTS!!)

However, once we're out of this hole I look forward to going to stuff again, doing things, and affording some things I've wanted for awhile, like a gym membership and a new tattoo! Not to mention actually getting to to New Orleans in September for Adam's wedding.

I'm also looking forward to being able to do things on the weekend. Looking forward to having a bit of cash in my account and the weather being nicer so we can get out of the house and enjoy the weekends. Come on summer!

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