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Bad news

 Last week Andy and I were out back with Sparky and we were looking at the lump on Sparky's back, It had appeared in December but we couldn't afford to do anything about it while I was out of work and over time it has gotten gradually bigger. Now with the prospect of a paycheck we decided that it couldn't wait any longer. It was time to take Sparky into the vet. I made him an appointment and we took him in on Saturday morning. He was a good boy and charmed everyone at the vet's office. He hadn't been to a vet since Andy lived in Vegas so there were some booster shots we had to get for him. Most importantly we had a biopsy taken of the now ping pong sized lump on his back. He was a good boy getting stuck with all those needles.

On Monday evening we got the call back from the vet with the results and it was not good news. The lump is indeed tumor and will need to be removed. Schedules are hard to work with as I'm still in my probationary time and Andy's got his major event of the year this month but we've got Sparky an appointment to get this taken care of.

It's really scary because, even with the new job, we're still just now starting to dig ourselves out of the financial hole my 3 months of unemployment put us in. I hate worrying about the money part but we only worry about the money part because it's not like it's something we can, like, pass on. There's no other way, we gotta get Sparky well. He's part of the family. I mean maybe years down the road a line would need to be drawn but Sparky's only 10. We've got lots more years with this little guy and he's st I mean there's no arguing about it, this cancer has got to go.

In the just 28 some odd hours since we've got the bad news we have been so touched by friends--all fellow animal lovers--who have offered to help our little man. It's warmed our heart and is such a help. I don't know if I can repay the kindness of these friends but when we're all back on our feet I promise to pay it forward.

Sparky's surgery is next Thursday. Hopefully getting the lump out will be the end of it for now. On the positive side, he's still spry as hell, I mean his personality hasn't changed, he's not acting sick so I hope this will be it.

I'll report how it goes and post cute pics of him looking adorably pathetic in his cone of shame on Facebook In the meantime keep our littel buddy in your thoughts. .

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