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It's been an exhausting week and I can't believe I'm up this early on a Sunday morning. But as I've got my coffee and a pup on my lap I might as well make the most of it with an update as to how things are going.

So Thursday was Sparky's surgery day to remove the tumor on his back.shoulder. Andy took him into the vet before work and dropped him off. We got word from the vet that the surgery went well but they wanted to keep him overnight and pick him up on Friday. It was weird not having him around that night. We missed him terribly. Friday after work Andy picked up a groggy drugged up dog from the vet and took him home. The scar is way bigger than I had pictured it in my head. Sparky's a little Franken-dog.

Andy said when they got home, Vyvyan was all concerned for Sparky, coming up and sniffing him and at one point putting his paw on Sparky's back as if to say "You all right, bro?" I wish I could have seen it, it sounds freaking adorable.

Sparky's doing pretty well, all things considered. He's been a very brave little guy. He's lethargic and kind of out of it with the pain meds. Luckily he can't quite reach his wound with his back foot or his mouth so there's no cone. However we can't put his harness on him so he's confined to the house and back deck. He's a bit disoriented. He's a bit uncertian when jumping off the couches and easily confused. We have to carry him down the stairs and into our bed when it's time to sleep. But he's eating like nothing's changed and he's drinking plenty of water. We want to make sure we have someone keep an eye on him at all times so he doesn't fall or tear his stitches in some way. So my pops is going to dog sit while we're at work the beginning of this week and then Lindsey will take care of him the later part of the week. Andy's going to be busy with the User's Conference at work and will be at a hotel through most of the week so the evenings are all me and Sparky this week.

The funny thing about his scar is that now he looks like a tough dog. Like he can actually back up his bark.

Gala Schmala at the Schmee
Despite the world throwing all these distractions at me I managed to get my script done for the Schmee last weekend. It's posted on the website now so I guess I can say it, my short will be included in the Gala Schmala at Theater Schmeater! With all the other stuff that's been going on this has really been in the backseat. But last night I noticed it was posted on the website so I"m all atwitter about it. Rehearsals are right around the corner and the walls are up in the space. This shit is happening for real and I can't wait!

Quick Work Update
The job is going well. I'm coming out of my shell a bit more. I enjoyed a post work happy hour with co-workers for my colleague's birthday on Wednesday and went out to lunch with another one of my co-workers again. My boss is awesome, though I still need to come into my own a little more in his presence. Though I have still got a lot to learn the work suits me better. I feel quick, intuitive and savvy in my job instead of stupid and worthless and that makes all the difference.

It's a Small, Small, World
Sometimes it's really nice to be reminded that the internet is fucking amazing and not just a cesspool of self-affirmation,  misinformation and trolls. It really does make the world a bit smaller. Last night, at around midnight, I was checking Facebook before bed and I noticed that Dorothy, who is traveling around independently in Asia right now, was in the same city as my friend from Goldsmiths, James who is also traveling around Asia with his girlfriend right now. I mean, I knew full well both parties were traveling, James and Hannah have been over there a few weeks longer than Dorothy at this point, but I didn't think to introduce them or bring it up to one another because, well, Asia is a big place. You know someone says "Yeah I'll be in Thailand and Cambodia" you figure the odds aren't so good that they'll be in the same place as someone else you know who happens to be in those countries. At best I thought, since it's a big city, maybe they might be in Bangkok at the same time and I could give them a heads up about each other but their itineraries were not so aligned.
However I noticed last night that Dorothy mentioned that she was in Chiang Mai and Hannah mentioned they were in Chiang Mai and I got so excited. I quickly FB messaged all three of them and introduced them to each other. I know since Dorothy's traveling alone, I'm sure she would love to have a social time with fellow English speakers and James is such a lovely person, Hannah's quite sweet as well, though I don't know her quite as well. James, you may or not recall, was the second closest friend I made in London.
It just kind of blows my mind. Here I am, sitting on the couch on my laptop at midnight in Seattle when I see my friends from London and my long time friend from Seattle are in the same place on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I click on a few things, type a hasty introduction and after some back and forth, they've made plans to meet at a cafe in 20 minutes. When I woke up this morning I checked my FB to see this...

Way to go internet!

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