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Weekend et plus...

Forgive me if this is hastily written...got a lot to mention real quick in an hour window before a show starts... So the weekend...

Fancy Pants night at the Fairmont
Last week was the User's Conference for Andy's work, so he was not home from Tuesday on, as he was staying at the Fairmont for the conference. On Friday night, after I got off work I met him at the Fairmont and was to spend the night with him in the Penthouse suite. We had complimentary drinks with a couple of the staff members of the hotel who were working with him with the conference. Afterwards we ate at the Georgian. I tried fois grois for the first time (it was AMAZING! Liberal guilt has never tasted so good!) and I had probably the best lamb dish I've ever had! We spent the rest of the night just relaxing in the huge suite, which has a jacuzzi tub and a terribly comfy bed and watching comedy central.

Football Match
Saturday I met up with Raye in Pioneer Square for a Sounders match. I got discount tickets for the game through work. Though I don't like soccer I know Raye does and when I saw how cheap the tickets were I thought I'd give it a try and it would make Raye happy. We met before the game and picked up a delicious sandwich at Tats.There was nowhere to sit in Tats so we went to Occidental Park to eat and talk, but unfortunately there were no benches so we had to par ourselves on the ground. We needed to talk about some serious stuff but kept being interrupted by a jovial parade of football enthusiasts parading through the park...followed by a marching band. I can now say I've not only been to a soccer game but have also been narrowly trampled by a marching band.
Then we followed the crowd and went to the game. Our seats were up in the Hawks Nest. I dressed prepared for wind but it was
actually quite sunny and hot. I had fun at the game. The game still doesn't move me. Though I can appreciate the athleticism of runinng around for 40 minutes at a time, I still think it's silly to play a game where you don't use the upposable thumbs evolution has gifted us and really, it would be much better if they tackled one another. So I think rugby might be more up my alley. Still it was an experience and it was fun to post on FB so my male friends from London--who joked I had no right to live in London if I didn't appreciate 'the beautiful game'--knew that I had finally gone to a football match. Plus, Seattle won...beating Colorado no less!

After the game, with the weather being so nice, and knowing full well that Andy would be just sleeping off the stress of the User's Conference at home, we checked in with Samuel and crashed his place for some dock time and beer. It was lovely. Some quality time with my dearest friends in the sun.

Things are coming together at the Schmee
After a lovely Skype chat with Charlotte on Sunday morning, I headed down the Schmee to help with painting. It's feeling very real. There are rooms, a booth, and now some nicely muted green walls in the upstairs. I hadn't painted in a long time, don't think I did all that well and man were my arms ever sore the next day. It was great to be back with the Schmee crew. Afterwards we had a late lunch and drinks at what they have dubbed 'the office' known to everyone else as The Whiskey Bar right around the corner.
Monday night was the first reading for Gala Schmala. I got to hear my play read aloud for the first time. I can't wait to see it when it's up on stage! (I could go to the rehearsals as the playwright and could make changes, but I'm not sure if I'm going to.)

Well our show is on now so I'm off. That's what's been going on in a nutshell.

Oh yeah and Sparky is doing much better. :)

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