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Lunchtime Update

So I have some good stuff to report and some lame stuff to report. I'll start with the lame for this particular entry (it's a two entry kind of day) just because the good stuff will require more time to put the pictures in and stuff and I only have so much time on my break.

So as I've mentioned before our living situation has long been up in the air. When we moved in we moved in knowing that the company that owned the house was only having us as place holders while they got the permits together to tear the house down and replace the lot with some sort of townhouses or condos. Well that time is getting closer.

Last week they put up a Notice of Proposed Land Use Action sign on our front lawn. Okay, sad, but we knew this was coming. However, the sign itself has caused a bit of a problem. It isn't one of those big ounes you see in front of businesses in town, it's just a little sign that sticks into the ground like one of those poloitcal campaign signs. Well the sign has been less for the community to file any objections and instead has acted as an invitation for the homeless who live in Discovery Park to try and squat in our house.

On Saturday, a homeless man was taking water from our outdoor hose, then went to relive himself on the side of our house and wouldn't leave. Andy had to call the cops on him to get him to go.

Sunday morning I was in my robe and walked into the dining room, let Sparky out on the back deck and when i returned to the kitchen I saw a face staring in at me (the kitchen window is in the middle of the house so this guy was not just on our property but on the same deck I had just let Sparky out to. "Are they going to tear this place down?" he kept asking as I sputtered "What are you doing there?...You can't be just...get off our...." Andy was asleep on the couch but got up and chased the guy away while I grabbed Sparky (who I should add failed as a guard dog). The guy left and it left Andy and I feeling uneasy for the rest of the day. The guy was obvioulsy prospecting the house, and more would be back.

We also noticed that the Land Use sign was from our front lawns and we figured that they probably took it back to show eachother where to go to squat, though the sign has since been returned or replaced mysteriously.

I also noticed that our garage door is broken perhaps by someone trying to pry it open. So yeah, part of the reason I'm able to type this blog on my lunch break is becasue I do not feel my laptop is safe at home so I"m bringing it in with me. It's very unnerving at night to try to sleep. We have my dad and Scott (who usues our garage for his antique referberishing) help keep an eye on the house while we are at work but we don't know what else we can do. We called the landlord and he was pretty indifferent about it. "Rich tapestry of city living"

Also while talking to one of the landlords about the situation, Andy asked what their timeline was like for tearing down the house and when we have to be out. Apparently it's soon than our lease ends. Apparently the date is September 1st we have to be out. So looks like we're going have to hit the pavement hard this summer to try to find a new house for rent.

So sorry if we can't do anything cool or spend any money or are no fun pants this summer. Gotta save up to move again. Hope the place we go into we can stick around in for a while. All right gotta get back to the office.


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