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Man it's been a while since I've updated. Lots to cover.

The Schmee: Gala Schmala ran and closed. My play was well received, got good laughs. Dani, Raye, Astro and one of the Deans at my work went to go see the show. Though I've grown up with the zen of theatre--the temporary nature of the shows, how they come and go--it feels a little bit different when something I wrote was up. Like I'm so happy certain friends got to see it but the ones that didn't never will...thems the breaks. It made me a bit better about seeing other peoples' things. Last Friday I went to see Teri's show with Dani and it was amazing. So glad I caught it before it closed.

Tablet Reunion: Last Wednesday De & Eric were in town and pulled the Tablet Staff back together for a reunion at Pony. Amy, Beth, Cari, Dan, Karla, and Sarah were all there. I had a fucking blast. We reminisced about our Tablet days, re-telling the classic tales and sharing stories about things that had not come to light before. Oh man, I was laughing so hard that, with the beer I was plowing through, I damn near pissed myself with laughter a few times. It was great to get the band back together and reminisce about our heady days in the DIY publishing biz. I also got an added bonus of running into Victoria at the bar and caught up with her a bit. Pity it was a school night becasue it all went by really quickly. Suddenly it was 9:30 and I was not making the last bus home so I had to cab it. Had it been a weekend, I would have been one of the last to leave for sure, I was having such fun.

Moving: So Andy and I got started looking for houses. We checked out a handfull of houses a few weekends ago and didn't see much that we liked. Some were awkward, too big or too small, or too far away. We were getting pretty frustrated between landlords that didn't bother to show up to viewings, scams, the prospects of shitty commutes for at least one or both of us. It was kind of taking it's toll on us. Then Andy got sick and I continued the searching on my lunch break and saw a place in Crown Hill up by where 15th turns into Holgate. I left some messages but they were having a viewing on Sunday morning. We made sure to be the first ones there (luckly Andy was feeling a bit better by then). We loved the house we totally wanted it and said as such to the realter/leasing lady. We told her about our situation and she liked us and  in the short open house she had she told the other couples that she had an interested tennant so there was only one other couple in the running. We raced home and filled out the on-line application but that too was infuriating. Then we had to wait.

Long story short, there was a lot of back and forth confidence wise on our part about getting it. Through the week we went from thinking we had a 75% chance of getting it to a 90% chance down to a 25% chance when the day we were to hear back we heard there were problems of my application being missing. Feeling dejected, we went out for Sushi and had a sad meal on Wednesday night, much like what happened last time with this Magnolia house.Then Thursday Morning we got the good news that we got the house!

Not only do we love this house but the relief of not having to look anymore is particularly comforting. It was really making us crabby and snippy with one another.

So in just a couple of weeks, mid-july, we will be moving to our new place! We'll have time to settle in a bit before Charlotte gets here in August. The best thing is that it's a location that suits both of us. Really in honesty I never really wanted to live any further north than Crown Hill but a lot of the houses were way north and east. The affordable homes were mostly West Seattle (shitty commute for both of us, Andy especially) or Wedgewood, really shitty commute for me (I broke down and cried at the prospect of it one morning). Crown Hill is great because it shaves off Andy's commute considerably but is still in a place with lots of bus options for me. I got 15express for work commute. I can take the D line home from the theatre late at night. There's also the 40 and the 28 as well. I'm good. It's also in a residential enough area off a main street so hopefully there's not too much worry about development in the future. Finally a house we can stick around in for a while. I feel kinda shitty asking my firends to help us move again but...well we knew what we were getting into.

I have the pics from the listing, but they don't really do the inside of the house justice. But, to give you the idea, here's the exterior.

Cute, huh?

I've taken 3 days off from work and have already gotten started on the packing. But pride is right around the corener and after three days in the house (and more tasks ahead) I'm getting ready to get out and spend some time with friends. Looking forward to it!

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