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These are a few of my favorite things...

So tomorrow I get to enjoy one of my favorite rare pleasures. I get to fly on a plane! Afterwhich I will do my number one favoirte thing in the whole wide wrold, make acquaintence with a new city, explore new sites and tread new earth beneith my feet. Tomorrow I get to visit a city that's in my top 3 domestic cities I want to visit and I shall make my first ever visit to the southern region of the country. That's right, I'm going to New Orleans, baby! Andy, Raye, Dani, Dorothy and I are going down for Adam & Lisa's wedding and we'll also be down there for Andy & my 1st anniversary. I'm the only one in the group that's never been there before (Raye and Dani have vacationed together there twice) so I'm sure I'm going to want be like go go go! We've got some plans on the books, we're taking Lisa's ghost tour and we are doing a swamp tour and I'd like to hit up the art museum and a cemetary. Much of everything else we're going to play kind of by ear. I'm looking forward to the creole and southern food (especially trying grits, turtle soup, alligator). I'm looking forward to experiencing the city with a proper old past (not always pretty). I'm looking forward to being inspired by the beautiful iron works and decoration of the buildings. I'm looking forward to vacation.

Thing is it really hasn't been untill just now that I've felt relaxed enough to get super excited. Up through this morning I was a big ball of stress about getting everything done and off my plate before I went on vacation. Not for work, mind you but for the Schmee. I've got an exciting new project that I'm working on that has been consuming my mind. I'm producing a late night panel quiz show. I've got my panelists, my writers my bookers, a group of super excited and dedicated people helping me porduce one of my other favoite things in this world, a panel show!

I've not prduced anything before. It's good for me to grow learn how to be a leader again. I've not really been a leader since like group projects in school, where my real motivation was to get a good grade when no one else seamed to care and even then I would take it on myself to do all the work if need be. Being a producer, so my knolwdgeable sourse on the subject papa Staley tells me, is about finding the right people to do all the tasks for you so you don't have to do them yourself. That said I've been stressing about making sure my marketing stuff get off the ground and I update my team before I got. I wanted to make sure all mu ducks are in a row but here it is the end of the workday on Tudeasday before my trip and the FB page has been set up and the cards are on their way...

find out more HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/584019095059071/

I'm so terribly excited about this project but I need to put it out of my head a bit and go and enjoy NOLA. Hopefully I'll have time to report back on how the trip was when I get back!

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