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We might have something here...

This weekend was the debut of Questionable Content, the late night panel show I've been producing. I wasn't home much this week, been at the Schmee for a writer's meeting, tech rehearsal and, well bartending as well of course. Friday night was the big night (after the mainstage show). I was super anxious but the house seemed pretty full and the energy level was up. The games worked and were entertaining. The The first night felt really good with one exception. The set for Seascape is quite unigue with these raised ramps. My biggest fear, with one of the teams perched on the raised platform, was of someone falling off. Everyone was warned multiple times not to lean back in their chair but it happened, one of the panelists feel off the stage. My heart sank into my stomach of all the happy thoughts of the evening from that point on, kind of took a back seat to my horror of what had happened. It even kept me up at night. Other than that however, everything was splendid. Everyone laughed, people bought drinks. The cast had a great time, except maybe the one who fell. I got lots of congrats and praise from my schmeeple, my family, my friends. That felt good, when I wasn't feeling horrified.

Saturday night the house was a little smaller and the energy wasn't quite what it was the first night but, that's understandable. That opening night mania really, by definition, can only be there one night. It still went well. I had a lot of friends in the house Saturday night supporting me Dani, Tracie, Samuel, David & Ryan (Christine & Cory came on Friday night). They all enjoyed the show a lot, Dani particularly seemed to love it. Most importantly no one fell off the stage. With things calmed down a little bit the second night, we even remembered to take a photo of the cast before the show...

There's definitly some tweaking that needs to be done. There are ways to tighten up the show, for sure. I have more trials and tests ahead of me as a producer, that keep me a bit anxious. But we are learning as we go and it can only get a little easier on the production side and tigheter on the performing side  through practice.

The next Questionable Content is Nov 7th & 8th at 11pm at the schmee. Watch this space. :)

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