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So...yeah...that's creepy...

So as you may or may not remember I wrote an entry early last month about some weird occurrences taking place in our new house. Well the straneness persits...and, in fact, it gets spookier.

This past week, like I said, I was out a lot, busy producing a show, so Andy was left alone at home a lot. Either Wednesday or Thursday (I can't recall) I came home and he told me that both the lights in the bathrroom were turned off on him whilst he was in the bath. he played it cool and just put his book down and sat in the tub in the dark, he said, untl it wasime to get out. He was also in the livingrom, on the couch when he said the kitchen faucet just suddenly turned on at full blast out ofthe blue. As mentioned last time the light thing in the bathroom also happened to me, wherein the lights go off and the physical light switch itself gets flipped down. I suppose it's possible that there's a problem with the light switches themselves to cause this, though the amount of pressure required to turn those lights off make me hesitae. It's also possible that some weird water pressure thing caused the faucet to go off by itself. I am always the skeptic first and foremost, looing for the most reasonable, scientific answer, as I explained in the other blog, even as these occourances start to pile up.

Then this weekend there was a new development. I went to bed at about 3:10am Saturday night, after the latenigt and then some time sitting at home talking to Andy until I could stay up no longer and I crashed. Andy stayed up a bit later and slept on the couch because his side had been hurting all day and he didn't want to keep me up tossing and turning. At 8:30am Sunday morning Sparky woke me up, needing to go out. I got out of bed to let him out when i noticed there was a book open and sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor. Unable to see what it was because I didn't have my glasses on, I noted it but took the dog out first. When we came back in, I put my glasses on and inestigated. It was my Salvidor Dali art book and it was open to the page bearing this painting..

Titled 'The Horseman of Death'

Yeah, that's pretty effing spooky. I waited for Andy to get up and my first question was to make sure he wasn't fucking with me. That, of course seems the most logical explaination. It is October. Andy is known to mess with me. I confronted him when he woke up. He swore he didn't do it to mess with me and did seem a) ignorant that I had a Dali art book let alone knew where it lived and 2) creeped out when I showed him what page it was open to. So I'm going to take his word that he is not fucking with me (cause if this is all a cruel lie, he is entering into divorcable territory--you hear that sweetie?).

Okay other possibility, if he isn't messing with me, is that one of us is sleepwalking. Perhaps one of us was sleepwalking, got this book, took it into the bedroom and looked and it and got boared/went to bed by coincidence leaving it on a creepy page. It's possible. Neither of us are known to sleepwalk, though and it seems unliekly becasue of where the book lives. It lives on the bottom shelf of my bookcase in the office. To put the book away there there was an office chair in the way (where it always is) and I had to manouver around a cord (also always there). So it seems like a sleepwalking person would probably have difficulty manuvering around these obstacles without making a mess or a ruckus. Then there's the question of waking one another, with Andy in the livingroom, you'd think I'd wake him going into the office, if it was Andy, you'd think he might have woken me up cmoing into the bedrom. It is still a possibility but, again, it doesn't feel like the strongest argument.

Oh yeah and let me debunk what you all might be thinking and what Cathy has already asked on our skype date when I told her. I had two beers at the schmee. No I was not trollied and just pulled out an artbook and don't remember. I was sober Saturday night. I recall the whole waking evening.

So yeah. What would you make of this? I am, honestly a bit spooked by it becasue, well lets face it, that's a creepy painting and becasue, apart from Andy messing with me, I can't think of a reasonable explaination for it that I can honestly believe. 


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Oct. 21st, 2014 10:28 pm (UTC)
I can't ever believe in that stuff. It would take a lot of experiences to think it's something supernatural, although it seems like you are most of the way there to concluding that.
Oct. 21st, 2014 10:49 pm (UTC)
No, not really. I'm comfortable accepting "I don't know how this happened" or saying "I can't explain it" rather than concluding "it's super natural" as an acceptable explanation. I stand by that, still even as the number of things I can't explain slow increase. It is fun trying to think of explanations for all these mysteries though.

...still skeletons...dali and death...spooky.

However, since writing this I think maybe sleep walking might not be as far fetched as I thought a week ago. Apparently while we were in New Orleans Dani had a night where she terrorized Dorothy while sleepwalking.

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