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Once again I am long overdue for an update.

The second run of Questionable Content happened on the 7th & 8th. A couple days before the show I got a wild hair up my bum to do a few more things to make the show a little bit better. I got John to put together a box for Precious Things, one that looked better on stage. My dad had prints of the Logo for outside and on the stageI also got a program together. That made it all feel somehow so much more real.

Friday night went great. We had a good house. A third of them were still my friends, Dani, Raye, Sam, David, Ryan, Lindsey, Astro, and Andy. But there were loads of other people there too. The energy was good. We had fancy new sound elements, new stingers and correct and fail sound effects. The second night was a much smaller crowd, and the energy, yet again much like the last Saturday, was not as high. The energy acutely kind of got sucked out of the room when a random dude from off the street walked in part way through after intermission and thought the show was a dialogue between him and the folks on stage. David, our host, did a great job detouring that and the show was able to recover but for a few minutes it was crazy awkward. I've reminded the front of house people to lock the door after intermission for the Zones and the other late night shows.

I have lots of notes about ways to improve the show. I've already worked on some of them, others I haven't gotten around to yet. We have a long break for the holidays but I'm certain there's a lot of work to do. My hope is to meet again after Thanksgiving and give out my notes and have some sort of plan to kick it up a notch. When I will pull that plan together is beyond me...

The Zones open tomorrow and I have been busy getting the bar prepared for that. Now I'm doing the ordering and stuff so there's another level of responsibility. I also went it on make sure that the bar was nice and clean for this one, which I'll probably have to go and do thoroughly again at some point as the Twilight Zones are a whirlwind at the bar.

Also this weekend Rob, my buddy from Goldsmiths, is finally making it to Seattle and will be joining us for Thanksgiving. Andy and I are picking him up from Seatac late Saturday night and he is going to bounce around a bit between Raye's (who he met when she visited me in London) and the Holtmann house. I'm really excited to finally share my city with my Americanophile friend. I'm excited to have him around but I'm also, honestly, feeling a little selfconscious for a couple of reasons. For one, I look real different from when I was in London. Also Rob was my hardest drinking buddy and I have mellowed out a bit in subsequent years as I can not drink as heavily as I used to without serious repercussions. (Although I fully intend to on Thanksgiving because I want him to have the full Staley Thanksgiving experience of heavy alcohol consumption before the meal.) I'm dissapointed in myself to admit that I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked. But perhaps I'm over thinking it and being harsh on myself. Rob and I are still going to be good buddies, we always will. I'm going to take a lot of joy sharing with Rob the cool things Seattle has to offer (well, of the stuff that is left, away. A lot of cool stuff has been displaced by development since I moved back.). Still, it's going to be fun. And hey second English Thanksgiving guest. Take that pilgrims!

Oh yeah, so one last thing before I sign off. So last night Dani, Aaron and I went to Gay Uncle Time (Christine and Cory were there but that's, like a given) last night. I wasn't my first one I went to the one last month and I had things I liked about it and I had some criticisms, but to be fair he had two performers that night bail on him at the last minute so I kept that to consideration. Anywhoo, this show last night was fantastic. it was my kind of show. The theme was Trash and Jeffery was talking about Lou Reed and the Warhol stars. Actually he took the "Walk on the Wild Side" song and went into everyone mentioned. The acts were good. There was one comedian who I want for QC and already had Jeffrey put me in touch with him. One of the other comedians was on QC last time so it was neat to see her actual stand up. I was super happy and just sitting there with a big smile on my face. Actually, it's the kind of thing I wish I could have shown off to Rob about Seattle being cool.

After the show Dani and I bussed together on the D. It was very bizarre commute home. First off, the condo building at the bus stop was having a fire alarm going off so there were all these (annoyingly) young and rich folks evacuated out on the curb with their dogs that were all growling at each other. Then Dani and I got on the bus and just as I was getting to our seat the bus started and the momentum caused me to accidentally step on this guy's foot.
I said "I'm terribly sorry" but the dude didn't respond. Apparently I steeped on the wrong crazy man's foot.
We sat down and carried on our conversation and the guy sneered and mumbled to himself for a while before saying something along the lines of "why don't you shut the fuck up" then walking to the front of the bus. Okay fine whatever.
Then, when we were coming up to the stop at Wholefoods on 15th he rang the bell, then walked back to the back of the bus, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a box cutter that he extended the blade  to and pointed it at us. He threatened to cut or kill us if we "didn't stop following him" I was honestly pretty terrified but luckily Dani is there and she was cool. I couldn't say anything but if I was alone and I had to I probably would have said the wrong thing like "I wasn't following you" but Dani just stayed cool and was all "okay, we'll stop" and he left. To be honest, it gave me a bit of a scare.  Weird, scary ending to an otherwise rad night.

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