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Stuff and things...

Wow so here it is, almost the end of January and I haven't even made an inagural post for 2015 yet. Naughty Mir.

Thing is I've been suuuuuuuper busy lately. The first couple weeks of the year the day job was crazy busy and demanding. There are a number of major meetings ahead. I had a long-ass meeting to prepare for. I was staying late and working through lunch and so on and coming home pretty exhausted. My boss was going out of town so he had a lot of things to prepare before he left, which affects me as well of course helpign with power points and formating documents. Luckly in a nice kind of harmony, as the day job stress subsided last week, it was time to pull together Questionable Content.

This third month/incarnation of QC we were kicking it up a knotch by brining in a visual element and using two monitors, plus some new games to take advantage of this new element element. Of course, this all meant that it was going to take more work and coordination. Luckily John took care of the Power Point while I worked on the cards and we coordinated together online as to where to position everything. Friday I was busy setting up until about a quarter to nine. The mainstage show got out a little late pretty much when the doors opened for QC, my dad and John had to wait for th blood to be cleaned from the mainstage show before putting up the monitors and getting all that set up. i was running up and down the stairs like crazy, just pouring sweat. There was a lot of nervous energy, but I guess that's also kind of the rush I get from it. The crowd was less than usual on a Friday, but that left room in the house for Regan to video tape. Andy, who I thought wasn't going to show up becasue he was leaving for Chicago the next morning, totally surprised me and showed up. Of my friends there that night I also had Raye, Dani, Christine and Cory, Malika and her new fella, my mum and Rob in the audience. Rob, being from the UK where they have loads of these kinds of shows on telly, was the one I was nervously wanting to impress. I think he liked it but I could tell by his face that he has some (hopefully) constructive critisism to tell me when time permits. Truth was, Friday night the first half was a bit off. I think all parties were a bit rusty. The second half however was hot and David and the panelists got into their groove.

Saturday nights show was strange. We had more people than we have ever had before on Saturday (those are usually the slow night). Of my friends I had Dani, Sam, David, Ryan, and Lindsey in the audience. The crowd was definitly drunk & stoned and rambunctious. They were actually kind of out of control. There were a lot of new people who didn't seem to understand that it's not a "shout out the answer" kind of a thing. The guy next to me especially was shouty which really annoyed me. But there were also people in the audience, friends of mine and Schmeeple, who should have known better and were not being terribly respectful to our host.

So now I'm processing and I've got a handful of new problems that need to be solved, and that's okay. (The only one I'm not looking forward to addressing particular Schmeeple.) I like this time of having another show behind us. Theres a bit of downtime before we tackle the next one (which is good, 'cause I'm exhaused) but at the same time my mind is running with problem solving fixes and changes to make next month's even better!

Andy's in Chicago right now for work. I went with my dad to drop him off at SeaTac on Saturday. I enjoyed getting stuff from Trader Joes for meals to be done the way I like (that is I picked up artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese to jazz things up). I enjoyed singing loudly while cleaning the house on Saturday and I watched some movies on Sunday that I've been aiming to watch but Andy didn't have the interest. I toyed with the idea to have some friends 'round to play board games but between being exhaused from QC and having fallen to the communists I was fine with being alone and just cuddling on the couch with Sparky.

I watched 2001 for the first time. Even though i know all the references to it, I'd never acutlaly seen it before and felt it was time to do that but Andy didn't want to watch it with me becasue he said it was slow. Yeah he was right on that one. If I had some edibles maybe it would be way more interesting and I could see it being amazing for the time, but that one bit toward the end where it was like watching 20 minutes of trippy colors and shapes was just..well I think you have to be high. It was probably mind-blowing at the time but anyone with a screensaver in the 90s is harder to impress. I also assumed the monkey bit in the biging was only a few minutes long, not nearly as long as it was. Other thoughts that came to mind watching the movie. You ever notice that in onlder movies, movies before home or office computers certianly, that there was a belief that computers were infallible? Like it's a shock or a twist that the computer made an error. That only once people started using them day to day at the home or office that people realized that, yeah, these things are fickle and screw up all the time. Granted, it's not often they're trying to kill us (yet?) but we've certianly all wanted to murder our computers after they lose a document on a deadline or drop the wifi signal at an imapproprite time. My last thought on the subject, it's actually really depressing. This super futuristic space travel might have seemed possible in 1968 or '69 but reality is not so ambitious. Instead, money went back into wars and wall street. There was no spinning spacecraft. 2001, now in the past tense, is marked (in my mind anyway) by a surplus blown in tax breaks for the rich and the the towers falling. How depressing.

Sorry to end on a down note. I'm spent.

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