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Unplanned procrastination

So I've got a couple of weekends to catch up on. How is it March? Seriously, WTF?

Feb 20th weekend
So last weekend did not go entirely as planned. Friday night Andy & I had a double date with Raye & Rob at Bush Gardens in the International District. When I got home from work however, not only was Andy's side hurting but he also came home from work early due to a bad tooth ache. He sucked it up though and we went out to the restaurant for Sushi. Rob hasn't had much sushi so Raye and I thought Bush gardens would be a fun place to take him. There's quite a bit of history at that place. It's where we had Cathy's "Sweet 16 at 26" birthday celebration where all kinds of crazy stuff happened including me throwing a German Chocolate Cake outside the restaurant. It's where Andy and I had our first date. I think since my English drinkin' buddy from Goldsmiths and my best friend are dating now, that would be the best place to go and add on top of those memories. We had a reservation for one of the little private rooms, drank hot sake and had rolls of sushi. We were having a good time and were going to go out for a drink in the ID afterwards but two things happened; Andy's tooth ache came back after dinner with a vengence and was in tears and 2) the bar I wanted to take everyone to had been replaced with a big hole in the ground. (Goddamnit Seattle.) So unfortunatly we just parted ways and headed home.

That weekend, apart from the double date, was supposed to be all about getting our taxes ready for our tax guy. However, Andy's teeth were still being problematic. In fact, the only thing that gave him slight relief was to have cold water in his mouth. We got through our receipts, but Andy was hurting too much. I went out and got him some soup and we got through our bank statements and before we got to our credit card statements, Andy realized that waiting for the work week to get his tooth issue looked at was just not realistic. We looked into the Emergency Dental place downtown and made an appointment for Sunday morning.

Becasue I don't know how to drive we needed to enlist Dani's assistance to drive Andy's truck down there and back. I can't thank her enough for her help. I know how precious time is and I felt bad, I wish I could give her back her Sunday because this visit turned out to be an all day thing. The dentist found that Andy needed not one but two root canals done. So we were at the dentist for quite a long time. Andy wanted me to stay in the room with him for it but I couldn't. I wouldn't want to watch the root canal of someone I despise, why would I want to watch the root canal of someone I care about? After hours and hours, Andy was released with temporary crowns and a scrip for some good pain killers and antibiotics. The damage, fifteen hundred bucks. Certianly not what we wanted to part with (or, well put on credit cards) but it could have been worse. Andy luckily found an emergency dental place that doesn't charge an ungoldy amount.

So yeah, taxes didn't get done 'till the following day but it did get done and sent out to our tax guy last week. So hopefully we can recoup some losses.

It did make for a bit of fodder when I went back to work monday morning. When the question came up of "how was your weekend" I got to say, "well doing our taxes was interrupted when my husband had to get a double root canal." It sounds like the worst weekend ever when you put it like that.


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