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A Treat for Those Who Came Out to Play

I've decided to post in two enteries, one for each weekend. Alright, so this weekend was a QC weekend. It was at first scheduled to be last weekend but at January's show David (my host) informed me that he was going to be in 14/48 and we pushed the show back one week. This meant that Dani, Raye, Rob, Ryan, Lindsey, were all out of town the weekend of my show becasue they had rented a cabin in the cascades well ahead of time. With so many of my friends gone there went a thrid of my audience and 14/48 was still going on. I was pretty nervous about the turn out.

However we managed to get some good names on the bill and I had hoped that would bring in some more people.

I was really anxious about this show throughout preparing for it. At first booking didn't go as smoothly or as quickly as i would have liked. When we got Emmett I was so jazzed and hopped that maybe his name would bring a new audence. I was especially anxious about having  butts in seats becasue I didn't have the safety net of a bunch of my friends in the audience. Also, in January's show we tried new games and using monitors and discovered a handfull of kinks that needed to be worked out. February's show was about trying out our solutions to those new problems.   In general, I felt very rushed and stressed like it creeped up on me and i probably wasn't very pleasant to be around in the week leading up to the show. It didn't help that I was visited by communists at the same time. Boo.

At the same time though, I actually gave myself more time to work on the show. I took at PTO day on Friday. In the morning I met up with Sfirah in Ballard and caught up an had coffee. I hadn't seen her since the wedding and it was wonderful to have one on one time with my oldest BFF! Then I had the whole afternoon to  to work on the program, the contracts, making the cards and getting them in line with the PowerPoint.

Thankfully some of my friends showed up. On Friday night Christine & Cory and Dorothy & Petra came out to the show and, of course my mum was there both nights and Andy came out on Saturday. However, numbers will still grim as there were about 10 or 11 people in the audience. I hoped Saturday night woudl be better but numbers were just about the same. It is such a shame, too, because both nights rocked. Both Friday and Saturday the shows were the tightest it's ever been. The writers had done a great job with the questions and the jokes. The panel was seriously on fire! David was on his game, despite being sick. John was yet again a ninja on the powerpoint and also hilarious in his character. Even I wrote some jokes and people laughed! Having a third monitor for the panelists that I controlled from the audience worked really well. All around, both shows were really good and hilarious. It's just a shame so few people got to see it.

Despite the low turn-out, I still think it was an important show. We learned that our fix for the monitors worked, and worked well. The fixes for some of our games really worked well. The writing team seems to be hitting stride. We got some legitimacy with this panel and, most importantly, this panel had fun which should will help with networking and booking. Things are coming together which is good as we will be put to the test with a two week turn around between March and April's shows. So more anxiety and craziness ahead.

Top of my priority list, after this weekend, is to focus on Marketing. I'm kind of sick of relying on Social Media becasue I feel like it's preaching to the chior. Like I'm screaming at my friends who have already decided wheather or not they're going to come. OR Facebooks stupid algorythums are screwing me over. (When I told Sfirah about my show she said she hadn't heard about it at all despite my 4 months of posting aobut it. Grr.) We have been listed in the calendar of the local weekly rags and will keep that going though I'm not sure if we've got any returns on that but we've gotta be there and keep that up. I need to write a new press release and will take a different approcah on it and there are other new developments are in the works to tackle this problem. I hope I can take care of it earlier rather than later.

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