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Portland weekend 4.0

It's been kind of a tradition, at least for Raye and I, to go down to Portland on occassion for shenanigans. It started back when with The Girls(tm) in '07 and '08 and after a long hiatus we followed it up with my bachelorette party wherein we introduced Charlotte to PDX. This weekend Raye, Rob, Lindsey, Samuel, Dani, Andy & I went down there. We were popping both Dani and Andy's PDX cherry (Andy has been through but never really spent time there. Although our shenanigans are a bit more muted than they have been in the past, we still got some good stories out of our trip.

The rest of the crew headed out on Friday while Andy and I drove down Saturday morning. I was long looking froward to our road trip. Unfortunitly, Andy was in pain starting Friday night. The pain in his side, which has finally been identified as a kidney stone just shy of 2 centimeters big stuck in his kidney had come dislodged in it's place and was moving around causeing Andy all sorts of pain at times. We would have to execute our shenanigans in a most gingerly way.

Andy & I went through a couple of monsoons on the way and some traffic once in town but got to Portland safe and sound in time for lunch. We met up with the crew at Voodoo Doughnuts. Then the next stop was Powell's, of course. Getting that out of the way right away was far preferable to last time when I went terribly hungover and learned that being hungover meant I had zero impulse controll and bought $70 worth of books, some of which I still haven't read an my interest has passed. This time I picked up a couple a books, both Neil Gaiman who I will be seeing in April and want to have one signed, if I can. We all mostly lost eachother, Samuel picked up some Russian literature, Rob some philosophy.

Andy and I checked into our hotel after that and rested up for the night out. We met up with the crew at their room and made a loose plan of action. We were to check out this Dr Who themed restaurant and bar (that was not what I thought it was) and later in the night we were to hit up Casa Diablo, the vegan stripclub deemed to be kinda From Dusk 'Till Dawn-like.

Unfortunitly the Dr Who place was a huge dissapointment. It wasn't what I thought it was first of all. The place had it's good points. It was run by an English guy so the food was at least mostly propper (fianlly a delicious sausage roll, I miss them so!). They had Dr Who pinball, which I've played at Dan's a number of times and I enjoyed playing that again. It was bigger on the inside and had a back smoking patio. There was lots of nerdy stuff to look at. However none of that made up for the 3 hours it took to have a meal and a pint there, seriously. They only had two people working there, one of whom was new. At least the new guy was trying and was pleasant. The other guy snapped at me when I asked for silverware for the table (they had forgot toput out when the food came). Raye's beer was flat, they messed up our order. Plus they were doing everything on tablets which really didn't liven up the pace at all, if anything it slowed everything to a grinding halt. Just the worst service ever. I felt bad for being the dork that wasted everyone's precious time by going there.

With our bar hopping time severely eaten into we instead headed directly to Casa Diablo which was in kind of the SODO equivilant of Portland. Right away Samuel started charming the girls who were outside smoking and making them laugh before we had even gone in yet. I dug the place, it was kind of Dusk 'Till Dawn like. It was crowded though but the clientelle was not all bros and douche bags. The girls were beautiful and unique. They weren't all bruised up or trashy, nor were they fake, plastic or generic. They were very...Portland. There were girls who were able do to amazing gymnastic stuff on the poles that blew my mind and there were some naughty things that I heard was going on but I somehow kept missing. There was a girl who I coined "sexy Betty Rubble" who was adorable.

I have some good stoires and memories from the evening. A very intoxicated Samuel reading a stripper's palm and telling her she was going to get pregnant soon. (*facepalm*) The look on Sams face when the strippers on stage showed him any attention was hilarious as well. Dani and Raye's stoires from the ladies room. The stripper creepliy saying to Raye "Bye jellyfish" (Tere's more to that story but I wont get it right). It was a cherry popping moment for Dani, who hadn't been to such a place, and she was diggin it. It was a good night.

The next morning we didn't hit up Acropolis for brunch. Samuel had a train to catch, Andy was in so much pain when he woke up I wasn't sure if we were even getting out of town. Dani wanted to get home. We all kind of checked out and went our seperate ways. Andy, Dani and I rode home toghter and picked up brunch in a truck stop place in Longview.

So not as bar hopping, strip club jumping and rockus as our trips have been in the past. I didn't even take any pictures! Still a nice getaway before Rob has to go back to York (sad face), Andy has to deal with health stuff and I have a two week turn around between QCs.



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Mar. 26th, 2015 06:20 am (UTC)
Sounds like a fun time! Poor Andy! I have had kidney stones a few times and it was miserable.
Apr. 3rd, 2015 05:38 pm (UTC)
Welcome back to LJ! I almost forgot waht comment looked like! I'll send him your condolences.
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