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Lots to Catch Up On...

Andy's Procedure
Thursday Andy had his lithotripsy procedure to break down the kidneystone stuck in his kidney. Naturally, he had been anxious about it for a while, but at the same time was experiencing quite a lot of pain so he was ready to have it gone. He was afraid that, since he's had it for so long, that it would probably take multiple procedures if the stone was hard. We just had to hope for it to be soft and for him to only have to go through this once.

My dad picked us up and drove Andy's car out to the medical center in Northgate. I need not go through all the details. Needless to say there was waiting, then talking to staff, then waiting, then talking to medical staff, etc. etc. It's worthwhile to note that everyone there was super nice and helpful. The doc answered all of Andy's questions. The post-op guy was terribly friendly and helpful. The only thing that was off putting was the anesthesiologist, who, with his tall, burly build and deep voice with a Russian accent, looked more the part of a hentchman in a James Bond film than a medical professional.  Funny, too that he was the guy putting Andy out. They carted Andy away and my dad and I went back to the waiting room.

Later the doctor came out to talk to us and he seemed in really good spirits. He told us the stone appears to have broken up really well and that he didn't forsee having to do the process again. Good news! Destruction of Alderaan level achieved. (Dani had brought up to Andy to visualize the destruction of Alderaan, which kind of became our go-to analogy). I was happy to hear good news and eventually was allowed to go back and visit with him after he woke up.

He has to keep the stint in for a couple of weeks and he his to pee in a bucket and filter out the stones to be analyzed. The stint makes it painful for him to pee, he says it's like being punched in the kidney every time. However they also gave him this crazy medicine that turns his pee into a numbing agent, which I find strangely fascenating (SCIENCE!). At his follow up, they'll do an x-ray to be sure that it's all broken up and gone and they'll take the stint out. Fingers crossed it was a successfull as it appears to be.

Questionable Content
The success of Andy's procedure wasn't the only good news on Thursday. That day I discovered that the CityArts Article, written by one of April's panelists, Travis Vogt, had been posted. And for this manic but proud producer it is a beautiful, beautiful sight. Behold!

Read the article in full here!

The article makes me so happy. I'm super proud of all the hard work that everyone puts in to the show and I'm glad that the effort was so positivly recognized. (It's in black and white. We have our shit together, yo!)  Everyone who does the show has a blast. The audience that  comes out for it has a lot of laughs. We just need more of them. The low audience numbers, due to being so late at night in Belltown, is pretty much the main thing we need to work on turn around and my hope is that this exposure will help a little bit. I know that this is not the exculsive answer to fix the qualms of an 11pm curtain time. However, I wanted press for this show so badly and to finally get it, feels like we've overcome the hurdle of complete obscurity and steped into some legitimacy.

The shows this weekend were both good. Phill was in the hosting spotlight as David was opening another show. Phill did a great job and David came in as a spectator on Saturday and I think it reinvigerated him a bit. He was so jazzed after the show. The audiences were not what I'd like them to be but enough to do a show. The panelists were all fun and loved doing it and I finally had the opperunity to go out with some of the panelists for a drink before the show. This never happens but was possible this month because I had Thursday and Friday off and had more time to get everything together between the waiting room of the medical center and home. (On the minus side, I printed programs at Kinkos and that shit is a rip off! $65 for 50 programs, can you believe it? The price of convienence.)

The other great news that came in, as far as QC is concerned is that I got confirmation that we get two weeks in August in the prime time slot. That's right, you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen (all 2 of you). We have one more summer month (June 5 & 6) in the late night slot then a month off and will return for two weeks in August 8 & 9 and 15 & 16 at 8pm. No more "it's on too late" excuses. And we can use the extra time to market the hell out of it. This should really help build the audience the show deserves.


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May. 15th, 2015 05:05 am (UTC)
Awesome about QC!!!! Poor Andy, I hope this procedure does the trick! I don't understand why he had to go through so much pain for so long before doing it?
May. 17th, 2015 09:59 pm (UTC)
Well when the pain first started, he wasn't in a position to financially. We had all these things to take care of moving, wedding, moving I was unemployed, empolyed, unemployed. It was a while before the pain got so bad he recognized that it was affecting his life and needed to do something about it. And finally it was a year before they figured out what it was.
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