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Blog-aversary month

In the crazy busyness of this month I've almost forgotten to mark the anniversary of my blog. It has now been 11 years I've had this place to keep track of my own goings on for whatever it's worth.

I've dabbled with the idea of moving off of LJ seeing as how it's antiquainted to the point of being the butt of many jokes. It's obvious there are only a very small handful of my firends that are still on here. And that email that they sent out pleading active members to get non-active members to come back did not exactly boost my confidence in the stability of the company.

I'm fully capable of migrating to a wordpress site and blogging from there, and am often tempted to. However, I'm also kind of attached to my privacy settings on here. I know that I can make a password protecdted blog post over there. However I don't think people would bother with that. At least over here, when I make a friends only post, I know that at least a couple of people are reading it. A password protected wordpress, might as well just be private. I like having something I can get off my chest but not have public out there.

So yeah, we'll see what happens. I'm a paid LJ member through the end of the calendar year or maybe i'll stat double posting. We'll see. Anywhoo...

Last year, for the 10th anniversary of having this LJ I did a very long, very honest Mix Tape post where I posted songs that call back to certian periods and events in my life. I kind of had to end on a down note because at the time, although I had a couple of months under my belt at my current job, the most recent time period with a song attached was in regards to my being miserable at my old job. Well now with a year past, this period has a very different feel to it than it did a year ago and for many reasons; new home, new theatre, new responsibilities.

But of course, as you can tell by reading this or my FB feed the thing that occupies a lot of my time and effort once a month is QC. So for that I mark this period of time with The Rezillos.- Destination Venus. This is the first track of my pre-show music for QC. Actually there are a few Rezillos tracks in my pre-show mix and it was tough to choose between this song and Top of the Pops or Flying Sauser attack. Really Top of the Pops, a song about a willingness to sell out, might be the most appropriate because I'd be all for my show being popular and selling out.  Ultimately, though, since this is the first stong that starts the preshow it wins. That drum beat in the beging has a Pavlovian effect on me of "okay lets do this, let's put on a show !" Also when it's playing before a show, I'm most aware of it. A lot of songs fade into the background as I get going but since this is first though I'm often busy running around up and down the stairs, carrying monitors,  I'll still sing her lines to myself.

So yep, that's my addition to the Mir mix tape. I also find it quite a good sign that I went from "Misery's the River of the World" to "Destination Venus" To go from being down, drowning in selfdepricating sludge  to being optimistic and adventureous and looking at the stars. Goes to show if I stayed at that old job I would never have had the confidence to put together a show.


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