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Ack so behind...Haven't had a chance to complete a post so have a lot of catching up to do

That darn cat
Weekend before last we had the most chaotic vet visit ever. We brought in both Sparky and Vyvyan. Sparky was just over due on some shots and a check up after his surgury last year. Vyven I noticed had a bald patch on the back of his neck that was getting bigger and redder and I was really concerned about it. The part that I most worried about, getting Vyvyan into his carrier, actually turned out far less stressful than I feared and I thought it would be smooth sailing from there but oh god was I wrong.

When we got to the vet and handed over the carrier, they took him back to one of the examination rooms and almost emediately we heard crashing and banging. Vyvyan's a big scardy cat and doesn't like people that aren't Andy and I, (and he's kind of cautious around Andy too). He was obviously causing all sorts of hell the the exam room and I felt trerribly embarassed and kind of helpless. He's been to this vet before but he was younger, still a kitten. Eventually, after he had been back there for a long while and they said that he was hiding himself behind the cages, I volunteered to go back there  and see if my familiar face would calm him down. Sure enough he was behind furniture and when I saw him he was making a deep, gutteral, growling noise and he had his ears pinned way back. When I reached for him he retreated under a cabinet. When I found him under the cabinet I put out my hand for him to sniff and realize it's me and he bit me in the wrist...hard...and didn't let go. It was like getting bit by an angry badger I had to shake him off.

We tried all these differnet ways to get him to leave the cupboard and retreat back into his carrier. The examination was just not gonna happen. Just corralling him seriouslytook two hours of the vets time, with all her staff trying to get Vyvyan to come out. My kitty had managed to trash their examination room, they had to empty that entire cabinet in order to tilt it and tet him to come out. I was so embarassed for my unwieldy puss. At least Sparky was a good boy for his exam. It's funny how redily you'll throw down $500 on a bill without even looking at it closely when all you want to do is get out of someplace. I threw down and we bolted as quickly as we could.

When Vyvyan got home he acted pretty normal like nothing had happend. I cleaned my bite some more and posted about the experience on FB where I had a handfull of good people on FB encouringing me to stop what I was doing and go to a doctor to get antibiotics for my bite becasue apparently cats' mouths are riddled with bacteria.

I resisted at first, hoping that cleaning it a significant number of times would be enough and I didn't have to throw down MORE money and make it so all the Holtmanns would see a medical professional in the month of May. I also had a theatre shift where I was certian that no one was able to fill in for me and with my overwhelming sense of responsibiilty I didn't feel good about not opening the bar on closing night. However, when my hand started swelling and I started feeling a bit fevorish I decided to heed my friends' warnings and go the the Urgent Care down the road and sort myself out. I was given a perscription for antibiotics. I only had to pay the copay and the cost of the script. So it wasn't so bad. I'm glad I did it.

The Kidney Stone Saga
The Friday of Memorial Day weekend Andy has his appointment to take a xray of the kidney to see if the lithotripsy worked and to get the stint taken out. After his lithotripsy, Andy had some teeny tiny stones come out, most of it though was so small and fine it was hard to collect for a sample for the docs to analyze. After they took the stint out, so many stones were coming out! It was like he was pissing a beach, seriously.
For a bit of TMI to see what I'm talking about here look behind the cut. It might bother some, guys especially but it's also fascenating.

These are all the stones that came out from one pee. And this pic is not the collection of the one with the most amount of stones. Shocking, huh?
So this went on for a few days, but luckily, though it was uncomfortable for him and a bit painful, after everything and probably thanks to the stint having streatched everything out, these did not leave Andy screaming in pain. It was shocking how much debris there was of theis stone still left in him. But I guess it makes sense becasue here's a copy of the CATscan of his stone before the lithotripsy. 17.9 mm is about .7 of an inch.

3-4 years Andy spent with that bastard in there. Crazy, no?

Memorial Day Weekend
Not too much to report on the weekend but it was nice. I revamped the QC website. The weather was okay enough to at least mow the back yard. Andy, Dani and I went to see the new Mad Max film (which is the tits by the way, go see it!). I had a lovely day hanging out with Raye, Dani and Christine on the beach over by Christine's house & we watched 9 to 5 a little later, then went over to Leshi and the three of us hung out with Samuel for a while. Monday I spent all day editing footage of QC. 5 hours went by like it was nothing and I got 5 minutes of a rough cut of a clip from the show. Not even a commercail. That's next. yeash.

That mostly brings me up to date. i could have said a lot about the Mad Men Finale or Mad Max for that matter. Gay Uncle time, that happened too and I went to see David's show...and before that Jose's show. Coming up Kids in the Hall is this Friday and hopefully I'll have time to post how it went but I wouldn't be surprised if the next time I update it will be that post QC "where did the time go?" once again. We'll see.



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May. 30th, 2015 03:08 am (UTC)
Wow, that was an awesomely long post! How are you both doing now? I've had kidney stones several times before, but very minor compared to what Andy has endured and that was the worst pain I've ever had in my life...so your picture is fascinating to me. Mine I never managed to catch and it seems my pattern is I don't know about them till they're actually getting ready to pass because it's always been done within 24 hours. The last time I realized what it was, I didn't know anyone where I had just moved to after separating with Eric and he turned me down when I asked for a ride, lol. So I had a bunch of tramadol and white knuckled it through.
Jun. 1st, 2015 04:02 pm (UTC)
All is good now. I'm off the antibiotics and just have some scars and some knots in the muscle where the bites were, which feels weird but may never go away I don't know. Andy's MUCH better. He says he feels another one poking around on the other side and is about to ween himself off the pain meds. I think that's the final hurdle. He's gotten used to the meds for the pain and when he can't have them any more I'm sure he's going to feel more generally achy.

I'm sorry you've had to deal with stones. I think it's pretty normal to not feel them 'till they are making their way out.
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