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Weekend in Review:

Kids in the Hall
Friday was Kids in the Hall at the Paramount. After work, Christine, Cory, Andy, Dani, Raye and I all met up at Dragonfish for dinner and drinks before the show. (Thanks Malika for taking care of C & C's dogs so they could come out for a prefunc.) We had a good laugh. I ran into two old friends from high school while I was there, funnily enough. Then we headed over to the Paramount for the show. Christine and Cory had seats down on the floor and the four of us were up in the balcony which, apart from being really tight and uncomfortable, were good seats weith a great vantage point.

The show was amazing. They did some new stuff, we got to hear a Buddy monologue about "what's all this fuss with the anti-bullying campaign" They also did live versions of beloved sketchs. They did Andy's favorite, the Salty Ham sketch. They did  one of my favorites and Raye's favorite The Dinner Party/Old Friends sketch, which was hilarious. Sadly for me though, no bad doctor monolgoe (though they faked me out and I thought I was going to see it but not so much) and no Sizzler Sisters. Got to hear a bit of "Daves I Know" and they, very surprizingly, did the "Running Faggot" bit which was ballsy for its time and maybe more ballsy in 2015, though they mentioned the bit being dated. At the end, as the encore, they they the "I'm Crushing Your head" guy in a very clever way where he had a camera and a projector and pointed the camera at the audience and crushed our heads, then crushed the heads of each cast member, making fun of their post-KITH careers (while at the same time plugging side projects). It was fantastic! The show was great. It went by so quickly. It felt like they only did like 45 minutes but they did just shy of 2 hours. Worth every penny, even if Dave didn't do the bad doctor sketch.

So this weekend, apart from KITH, ended up being all about yard work. I mean i inteded to get some done but I had no idea what it would turn into. It all started when on Saturday I mowed and week whacked the front and back yards while Andy cleaned up inside the house. When I was at the tail end of that the thought came up in conversation of tackeling the weeds that have taken over the vegetable beds. We have the four probably six foot by thee foot garden beds that have completely been taken over by weeds due to a lack of attention given to them on our part. We called to see if Dani was avalible to help and she was free and willing to bring her shovel and gloves and pruning sheers and help. It was sunny and it was hot but we, with some help from Andy, got through two of the beds. When I started I thought we would be able to get thorugh all of them but by the time we had finished the first two it was already 5pm, the hotter part of the day (and it was a warm sunny day) and there were like 50 bees digging on the flowers of the weeds. So I decided that I would get up early (before the bees came out) and tackle that job in the morning if Dani was cool with me borrowing her tools. I started at 10am and even with Andy's help we didn't finish until 5pm. Not only were there the weeds in the boxes but there were also weeds in the about foot and a hlaf space between the box and our neighbor's fence that needed to be dealt with. We also replanted the bean trees that the weeds had completely taken over. The only things we left were some fennell we found in the first box on Saturday (I love fennell) and the bean trees. It was hours of crazy hard, back-breaking work, am I'm sore as hell now, every part of my body is sore,  but I'm so proud myself for getting it done. Check it out...

Before (Saturday morning)

After #1 (Saturday)

After #2 (Sunday)

As I was working, I couldn't help but think about how interesting it is that as you get older you can manage to surpirse yourself. I don't know if it's some sort of inevitable conforming to the cliche of getting older or what but I'm seriously taking a liking to doing yard work. That's not something I would have expected to see happen when I was in my 20s, or if it did I would have called myself something derogetory for it. But no, I actually legitimately enoy mowing the lawn, weed whacking, etc. I attribute some of it to having grown up in an apartment complex so mowing the lawn was never a chore I grew distain for, so this being the first house I've lived in with a proper grass lawn (2 actually) there might be a novelty to the job. Plus, there's some utility to it, it looks much better and there's a sense of accomplishment when you've finished and it looks quite nice. Even this weeding project after something like 8 hours working on it total overall when we came to the end and we were both physically exhauseted Andy and I talked about how good it made us feel.  I'm also pretty proud of myself for facing many a creepy crawly in the process without freaking out about it. Yes there was a time I screamed when I went to wipe the sweat off my face only to see a spider crawling on the arm I was going to use to do so and I paniced a bit when Andy mentioned seeing a centipede but otherwise I was very brave. So maybe I am getting old and boring and falling into cliche but, at least that in and of itself is surprising to me.

Sparky scare
When Andy and I were working on the yard, We heard Sparky barking in the distance, like from our neighbor's yard. We looked at each other, then dropped out shovels and imedietly ran into the house and our the front door and to the side of the house. Or neighbor was out and gave us permission to go into his back yard and collect Sparky. He was barking for help and ran to me when he saw me and cooperated when I carried him home. So yeah, all this yard work and now Sparky has apparently found a hole in the fence and so we need to keep an eye on him while he's outside.

Final thought...
Oh yeah one last thing, a bit of food porn. On Saturday, while Dani was over, Andy made Crocque Madam for dinner. Ohmigod it was amazing. It's a grilled swiis and ham sandwich with a cheese sause and a fried egg on top. It's the shit. Andy had made it once before but he was reminded/I was introduced to the dish when we were watching Cutthroat Kitchen the other week. So glad they featured it, I think I have a new favorite dish.


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Jun. 2nd, 2015 05:22 am (UTC)
Aw, that's sweet for thanking me for taking care of the pups, but they paid so I can't feel chivalrous, lol. I hung out there for about an hour and a half and the pups had me laughing. Glad to hear the show was fun, I didn't know that they still perform together.

Your yard looks fantastic! I bet Sparky enjoys it, and I'm sure it's easier to clean up after him as well. 🐶
Jun. 2nd, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
I didn't realize they paid you, but I'm still glad you were available, everybody wins! :) KITH don't always tour together the last time they did was in 2008 and I didn't have the $$ to see them...but we met Dave Foley in the alley behind Neighbors. :)

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